Interviju: Laura Enever

Interviju: Laura Enever
November 21, 2011 Marko Odič

Nekega dne, ko sem preletel tele naše intervjuje, sem opazil, da še nimamo nobene punce. Pa sem se prav pred kratkim spomnil, da imam nekje na računalniku spravljen en prav poseben intervju. Že davnega februarja 2011 sem pri gledanju Roxy Pro Goldcoast 2011 opazil eno luštno, mlado srferko, ki ne samo, da je “izbacila” (takrat) aktualno svetovno prvakinjo, StephG, ampak je v intervjuju po tem heatu (heat 4, khem) začarala cel svet. 

Cel svet, oba komentatorja in mene. Surfanje, ki ga je pokazala takrat in še dostikrat kasneje, bi le par let prej zadostovalo za zmago tudi na moškem delu WCTja. Malce po tej tekmi, ravno, ko je mlada gospodična Enever sama doma šmrkala, krehala in kašljala, mi ji je uspelo pod nos podtakniti sledeč kupček vprašanj. Pa poglejmo.
[op.a. -interviju je v angleščini]

Q1: Hi Laura, first let me congratulate you for your excellent results at first 2011 `CT event Roxy Pro Goldcoast. How did it feel when you were advancing from round 2 and just smashing your competition? In R1 you had quite a serious competitor in Sally Fitzgibbons and the 4x world champ Steph in R3, where you narrowly lost, yet came back even stronger and just dominated the QF round
with 15,67 points angainst the same 4x world champ Stephanie Gilmore? What happened after the QF?

Thanks so much! Thats a huge questions, haha.
Well firstly going into the comp I had alot of mixed emotions I was nervous, excited, scared, everything! In my round 1 heat i was so nervous I hardly caught any waves, but after that first heat the fire sort of came out of me and I just wanted to surf and have a good time and show the world what I could do. And thats what I did the rest of the event. I didnt worry who I was against, I just surfed! I knew Steph would be hard to beat, but I knew I could if I caught the best waves and thats what happend! Me and Steph are really good friends and she was stoked for me! Tyler got the better of me in the semis. She caught the best waves, but I was still happy with my performance and coming 3rd in my 1st ever world tour event!

Q2: How will you focus your enerqy now? Will you do all `CT events this year, only `CT event or also some bigger star events? Which one is your favorite star event and how does it feel to be given a wildcard invite for a `CT event, as you have last year?

Im actually putting most of my energy into myself right now and getting better and pushing my surfing. Im definatley doing all the `CT events and I will do most of the 6star WQS events to make sure I re-qualify for next year. My favourite star event is the US open in California! Its a crazy event, so much fun and so much going on!

Q3: You were born in Sydney and you reside at North Narabeen. Where did you try surfing for the first time and who do you think was the most influental factor in your developement as a surfer, how long do you ride (a very important question for our readers, hehe)? Do you see any different behavior in water
before and after you slash that huge turn?

My dad put me on his surfboard before I could walk but its wasnt until I was 9 years old untill I became hooked on surfing. I would surf at North Narrabeen everyday before and after school with my dad, brother and all my friends. All the locals at North Narrabeen have always been so supportive to me and are constantly pushing me when I surf, we are like one big family at North Narrabeen!
Laura Enever, 2:03…

Q4: All the commentators and spectators were totally flabberghasted seeing the »new breed« of surfer girls take control of the heats in Roxy Pro Goldcoast. Australian everyday lineup level is already pretty high, how did you see your advancement in everyday surf through your surfing years, when and where
did you compete for the first time and when did you started to seriously think about possibility of being a pro surfer?

The level of womens surfing keeps getting higher and higher every event! It so excitting, and the good thing is that everyone is starting to clearly see the “new breed” pushing the level of womens surfing! More and more girls are surfing everyday, its so good to see!!
I did my first contest when I was 10 years old (on my dads board), I loved competing it made me want to keep getting better and better, so I could win! Ive always wantedd to be able to surf all my life and make a proffesion out of it, but honestly I just went with the flow and one minute I went from being in the grom contests, to the junior contests to the WQS events, to now being on the World Tour! The best thing about it is that I have just had the best time along the way and its only just the beginning now!

Q5: A young surfers like yourself probably doesn`t see life only as competitions and events. How do you spend your non-competitive everyday and what do you do with your free time -clubs, gyms, lawns or sandy beaches?

This is a good question! Life to me definatley is not all about surifng and contest, I mean I love it and will always continue to push myelf, but I also love just being a teenage girl! I love to be with my friends, shop, dance, sunbake, gossip, party and enjoy everything that comes along with being a teenage girl! Its all about balance! If you know how to balance everything you do in life then everything works out for the best! and you can have the best time in and out of the surf!

Q6: A huge lot of `CT guys is having personal trainers, tacticians and teams to help them reach as best results as possible. Do you have a team and how do they help and prepare you for your competitive achievements?

I do have a personal trainer when I am home for a long time! But because I am always
travelling, I just make sure I stay fit and healthy by doing as much exercise as I can, while im on the road! I also have a coach at home who videos me and tells me things that definatley benifit my surfing. When I travel to contest, my older brother comes along. We get along really good and he coaches me before heats, `sykes me up and pushes me at the same time! Im a lucky girl.

Q7: A little bit about tech specs of your surfing, as it si the hottest question right now; what boards do you ride, who is your fav shaper and who are your sponsors?

I ride Chilli surfboards. He is amazing, he constantly helps me make my boards better and bette. I ride 5’6 x 17.5 x 2 . My other sponsors are NIKE 6.0, BOOST MOBILE, FCS, GORILLA.

Q8: Well, for the end, the great king of surfing, mr.Kelly Slater himself is speaking very highly of your surfing. The show you “young gunnies” of girls surfing showed at Roxy Pro Gold Coast was exceptional. Where do you see the girls surfing in the next years and is there a possibility to catch the level of tricks/surfing that guys are showing right now?

Kelly is amazing. He is a true inspiration for any surfer on earth!! Thats cool that he talked so highly about the new genertation, but its definatley true! The girls are continuously pushing the limits and heights of girls surfing and trying new tricks and moves that only the guys have ever done! Its amazing, crazy and exciting it will be so cool to see how far all of us girl will take womens surfing in the next few years , so everyone BETTER WATCH AND SEE!!!!!!!

Thanks for your time Laurie and i wish you all the best!


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    pojo 2026 years ago

    haha, kaj pa prav aktualna svetovna prvakinja Carissa Moore o ženskem surfanju?”Girls can be just as exciting to watch as men or more so… We rip and (`re) in bikinis!” hahahaha 😀 😀

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    pojo 2026 years ago

    hahaha, ja ce je bla bolna takrat, hahahahaha ;D :D. dobim pa vcer en sms -slike so pa same z “rito” naprej… hahahahahahahah 😀 ;D :D. hvala nasmu najboljšmu fotografu…. 😉

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    Hahaha…tok si mel dolga vprašanja, da ji kr ni ratal vsega odgovort :DLuštn!

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