Surfamo tudi na Finskem

Surfamo tudi na Finskem
September 26, 2011 Kaja Cencelj

bikinke, palme, glassy valovi, tube… na Finskem? no, tam je v bistvu le malce drugače…

You are covered with frost and it is snowing. A few minus degrees are multiplied by the freezing onshore wind blowing at 30 m/s. A man changes into a 6mm wetsuit in the heavy storm, and heads towards the roaring waves. The temperature of the seawater is close to zero. It’s freezing outside. What the hell..?

Kalle Carranza je zamenjal Puerto Escondido in Puerto Vallarta za Finsko…khm.

FinnSurf is the world’s first Finnish surf film. It’s a freezing, and at the same time warm documentary of surfboarding in Finland, and in some other places as well. A film about true love and a passion larger than life. Escaping boring life and not regretting later. Winning yours fears. Aiming for balance, peace of mind and harmony. Relaxedness and pleasure. World where the life is dream and dream is everyday life. FinnSurf tells a story of five Finnish surfers. Everyone has their own point of view on surfing, Finland and surfing in Finland.

Featured surfers /artists : Kalle Carranza, Rumon Chapman, Jukka Karhunen, Aija Korhonen, Tomi Lagerroos.

Year: 2011
Production Pablo Films & Flatlight Films
Film by Aleksi Raij

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