Ta glavne napačne predstave o surfanju

Ta glavne napačne predstave o surfanju
July 10, 2009 Kaja Cencelj

Below is a list that I compiled that showcases many misconceptions that non-surfers make regarding surfing as a sport, surf culture, surfing gear, and other surfing related things. *sigh* If only they knew…

1. Surfing is easy! “All you do is stand up on a board!”
Which is all you really need to do because surfing is hard enough just standing.

2. Surfers are stoners.
That’s Ridgemont High bull crap. Only some surfers are stoners… right?

3. Surfboards are indestructible.
Maybe back in the 50’s. Just because we stand on them doesn’t make them steel. No surfer would dare stand on their surfboard on land!

4. Surfer’s look cool.
This, in fact, is reality.

5. Surfer’s get all the chicks.
The only thing surfers have over other sportsmen is that we have our shirts off. Next!

6. Surfers are gay.
Yes. If by “gay” you mean the medieval definition which is “happy.”

7. Surfer’s are laid-back.
If said surfer scored flawless barrels all day, yes, said surfer would be laid-back. If said surfer has endured a month-long flat spell, keep your distance.

8. Real surfers wear brand names.
Ha! Most real surfers can’t afford brand names! I get my clothes from the department stores! I got a beanie for 5 bucks! Beat that!

9. “What’s so special about surfing?”
Only a surfer knows he feeling…

10. Surfing is a cheap sport.
It can be… but before you know it, you’ll have a quiver 100 strong. Doh!

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  1. Andrej 2026 years ago

    ha ha ..dokler ne probaš se zdi čist simpl ;D

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