Surf sufr na Poljskem?

Surf sufr na Poljskem?
October 16, 2009 Kaja Cencelj

Poland is the homeland of my love of the past 8 years, my beautiful fiancée (No… she is not a mail order bride). I know for many of my fellow deskriders, the thought of traveling to a non-surfing destination is nausea inducing and a poor choice of precious vacation time. Fortunately for me, I enjoy the cultural aspects of such travel, without the ever present nagging, addicty feeling that I would get while trying to entertain cultural activities in a surf blessed destination (Mexican pyramids? Pfft. I’d rather do the Mexican A-frames).

The good news about Poland for me and any other traveling surfers who find themselves in the land of kielbasa and pierogies, is that the place can be surfable. I wouldn’t advocate checking the place out for a surf holiday, but if your travels find you there, perhaps on one leg of a trip that also has you dragging a board along for France, Spain, Portugal or elsewhere, then you might just stumble into some surf.

The extreme north of Poland, on the Baltic Sea is where you want to be. Certain towns in the north, which can easily be turned up with a little online research, are quite well known for windsurfing and kitesurfing. While neither of those activities requires waves, a little homework will show that a few of the better known spots are known to bear the gifts of Baltic Sea storm systems. A few good photo finds online, and I’m hooked on giving the place a little exploration.

If you’re going in the summer, expect (relatively) warm water, but don’t expect waves. If you’re heading there another time of year, you might just luck upon a little short period groundswell, or storm generated windswell. Bring all necessary equipment, cause you’re not going to find anything you’ll need there. Enjoy yourself, pass on the stoke, and get off the surf map and go explore.

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