making a balsa wood surfboard DVD –

making a balsa wood surfboard DVD –
August 21, 2009 Dejan Peras

Sit back and relax while renowned Australian shaper Mark Riley shares his secrets of making a solid balsa wood surfboard with you. Covering everything from selecting the wood to ready for glassing, this 65min DVD won’t leave a question unanswered.

Chapters include:
1. Tools & Safety
2. Balsawood — selecting the sticks
3. Rocker template
4. The Glue up
5. Stringers
6. The Plan shape
7. Rocker Clean up
8. Nose & Tail Block
9. Wood Imperfections
10. The Finish Plan Shape
11. The Rails
12. Final Sand & Sealer Coat

The youtube video is a trailer and only contains snap shots from the actual video — the DVD is filmed live and runs for 65 minutes.

The DVD also includes written instructions that take you through the process set by step.

Now also available: E-book version at:

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