Tsunami na Mentawaih

Tsunami na Mentawaih
October 28, 2010 Ujusansa Surf Klub

25 oktobra ob 21:42 po lokalnem času je bližino indonezijskega otočja Mentawai zatresel potres z magnitudo 7.5. Potres malo južno od otočja je ustvaril tsunami val višine slabih 3 metrov, ki je zalil že omenjene otoke in porušil vsaj 10 vasi. Prizadeti so bili tudi znani surf spoti, Macaronis Surf Resort je popolnoma uničen. Zadnji podatki govorijo 270 mrtvih in 400 pogrešanih. V nadaljevanju še izjava Erika, kapitana ladje Indies Trader III, ki se je nahajala pred spotom Macaronis.

Erik: “The Freedom and Midas thing was bad, but no one was hurt. Freedom dragged anchor into Midas (obe sta surf charter ladji), which then dragged up on the beach and caught on fire. Freedom would have been up too, if Midas hadn’t been blocking for her. Actually, heard she went up but was able to motor off on the next surge. Worst-case scenario, but they dealt with it. The Macaronis Camp got smoked, but everyone there was able to get up to the only second-story building and watch everything at ground level disintegrate. Apparently, the wave came around from both sides of the channel and met right there in the middle. Must’ve been chaos. The damage looks to be pretty isolated to the south Mentawais and north to Macaronis — strangely, up the East Coast of the islands in places too. That’s an early observation though and I’m sure things will get way worse. I thought once the sun rose this morning we would know more but info has been hard to come by.”

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