Teach your girl to surf

Teach your girl to surf
July 14, 2009 Kaja Cencelj

Start with a fit girl

I know this is going to sound a bit mean, but there just aren’t many unfit surfer chicks. We’re not talking bodyweight here. They may not be lean, mean, paddling machines, but they’ll need a modicum of athletic ability in order to surf. While there are plenty of unfit guys that are surfing, men are physically stronger than women. A fat guy surfer just might be a stronger paddler than a fit woman. The truth is, you gotta be willing to take a pounding from the waves, paddle til your shoulders can’t rotate and be willing to try, try, try again. Having mastered another sport helps with what’s required for surfing. Yoga counts.

Ideally, she can swim

Swimming is at the heart of feeling comfortable in the water. Big waves and paddling out are no problem if your girl will not freak out at being over her head in big and small surf alike.  You want a strong enough swimmer that won’t get scared or discouraged by getting thrown, tossed and turned, and even held under water a little bit.

Get the right surfboard

Here’s the deal. You might have started surfing on a small little chip of a surfboarf. But if you really want to get your girl up on the waves, get her at least 7′6″ of major foam, and ideally a mini-mal or woman’s log. She’ll be able to handle the damn thing, won’t feel that it is handling her, and she’ll more easily pick up waves. How do you know if you’ve got the right board? She can carry it under her arm with ease.

Don’t be an ass

Hard to do, I know. If you’re trying to impress a girl, yelling at her, being panicky about a big set that’s coming in or pushing her around won’t be cool. Chillax, dude!

Teach her the beauty of the sport – she can wax her own board

Assuming you’re not on a blue (or pink) softop, you and I both know there is nothing quite like the carnal pleasure that is applying a base coat of Mrs. Palmers followed by Warm Water Mrs. Palmers (on the deck, you kook!) of a board. Once she tries it, she’ll never go back. Comes in coconut, grape etc. etc. Mrs. Palmers goes on the easiest, by the way.

Push her into the waves, and get her standing right away

If your dad taught you to surf, he did so by gently pushing you into mushy little waves. Best of all, her little bootie will be in plain view. Hehehe.

Pick the right day

A day that is flat for you, but with a tiny little pulse coming through is the best day you can offer to your new wahine. Think warm, flat, summer day. You know all your non-surfing friends (if you have those) that ask whether there is “big surf around here?” Big doesn’t mean better, right? Its no different for you than for your girl.

Pick the right spot

Rincon, Puerto Rico reef break? Umm, not so much. Beach break with plenty of sand and no cobbles or pebbles? Good idea. Where you go will make for a better day. Stay off the main peaks.

End with a smile on her face

Nothing will make her want to come back for more than you giving your girl some post-wipeout encouragement. It’ll be your goal to get her up on her board within an hour or so. Whether she gets there or no, make sure she ends the session with a smile on her pretty face.

Practice makes perfect

As we all know, its time in the water that really matters. Surfing together makes for a bitchin’ date, and a great travel partner. Groom your wahine, and you’ll have it made!

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  1. Andrej 2026 years ago

    vztrajnost vsakega prpele kamrkoli že rine,pa magar z glavo čez zid

  2. Andrej 2026 years ago

    aja,pa en ščepc talenta namesto popra 🙂

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