Taj Burrow & trav'ca – Little Weeds

Taj Burrow & trav'ca – Little Weeds
July 5, 2009 Kaja Cencelj

You are never going to get the surf job you want. You are destined for failure. You will wake up every morning at 6:30, get in your Korean import, commute, do something, eat something, go home and love something. If you’re lucky. Or do you think you’re hot shit? That your natural talent will take you to the top? It won’t, honey, but if you become one of Stab and Billabong’s Little Weeds it just might.
The Little Weed Project exists to free you from the mundane. To set you on the righteous path. This is your best and last chance to live a surf-based dream in one of five ways: as surfer, writer, model, photographer or filmmaker. Stab and Billabong are providing you with a platform in which you will compete against fellow dreamers by tossing your wares on the internet. There will be three six-week heats where the online community votes for your product, be it a quality backside gouge or a hot little pose or a stellar photograph or an interesting turn of phrase. Better kill it! 

_____ več na littleweeds

Major prizes include the cover of Stab, a sponsorship with Billabong, the editor’s keys to Stab for an issue and heaps of other cool crap. Dive in.  

How’s it work?

Little Weeds is a series of three five-to-six week heats. It’s an online competition where you create a profile and upload photos and video of yourself. Those entries are then voted on by the public. There are five categories: modelling, surfing, writing, photography and videography. The three winners of the three heats (ultimately chosen by mentors after considering all votes and comments) of all five categories will be flown to an undisclosed location in July to compete against other Little Weeds. From here (and sponsorship proposals willing), we’ll take all five winners to another undisclosed location (okay, Bali) and create an entire issue of Stab (or Spit x Stab) on-location created by and featuring Little Weeds winners.

When do the heats run?
Heat one starts March 12 and runs through to April 23, heat two runs from April 24 to June 5 and heat three runs from June 6 through to July 19. The final is tentatively being run from July 22 to July 24.

Who’s eligible to enter Little Weeds?
Little Weeds is open to anyone of any age*, however our age bracket only goes to 59. If you’re 60 or over but have something to dazzle us with, drop us a line.

*Girls must be 13 or older to enter the modelling section and must have parental consent. The winning model must be an Australian citizen and all other winners must be from Australia or New Zealand.

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