Surf Trip Lofoten (Norway)

Surf Trip Lofoten (Norway)
April 9, 2008 Kaja Cencelj

It was a fresh arrival in Norway (with a temperature of 4°C) for our Rip Curl riders. Pablo Gutierrez and Arnaud decarne, who arrived several days earlier, welcomed Tom Curren (US), Jayce Robinson (UK) and Elise Garrigue (FR) coming straight from the United-States ( Maui for Elise and Santa Barbara for Tom).

As soon as they got their coat on, they were ready to walk around in the Oslo's streets. And there, in the middle of the city, they saw 2 surfers in wetsuits, board under the arm. They find out that there was a surf contest with running part (with the board!!!), running of oar,…at the end, several surf camp's trip were offered. Nice promotion which puts directly our Rip Curl surfers in the atmosphere, with a 100% Norwegian's humor .

The evening was great as well. Tom Curren played in live, in the famous Fugazi Bar in Oslo, with his group, Tom Curren & The Noah, for 2 hours of acoustic concert. More than 200 people came to enjoy the evening with our Rip Curl Team. After some TV shows and few moments in studio, they just left today for the Lofoten islands and the first swell is forecasted for Thursday morning.

Watch the 1st videos/pictures on Ricurl.TV and everyday on Eurosport 2 at 7.55 pm!

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