Surf Europe: Slovenija, nova surf destinacija

Surf Europe: Slovenija, nova surf destinacija
November 6, 2013 Kaja Cencelj

Surf Europe pravi, da naj kar pozabimo na Nazare, Hossegor ali Mundako, nova evropska surf destinacija je SLOVENIA 🙂

Sure Nazare has had some exposure lately. And we know about Hossegor’s sandbanks, Ireland’s Cliffs and Scotland’s reefs, but what about those surfers doing it tough, and doing it with passion, in Europe’s far, dark and cold corners? Don’t they deserve some love? Some sweet attention? We say yes, and so when Mihael Mahkovic contacted us with his photos and stories of surfing the Adriatic Sea in Slovenia, we were all ears. Sure there is no thumping tubes, or XXL wipeouts, but there is a committed core of Slovenian surfers dedicating their lives to catching waves. No easy task as Mihael explains below, but worthy of their time, and hopefully of yours.

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