RIP: NOEL ROBINSON, sosed na Zicateli in filmar surf filmov

RIP: NOEL ROBINSON, sosed na Zicateli in filmar surf filmov
May 8, 2010 Kaja Cencelj


NorCal charger and filmer Noel Robinson drowned while surfing Puerto Escondio this morning. 

From Surfline photographer Edwin Morales: “I’m really sad to inform you we have lost a good waterman today in Puerto Escondido. He took off on a solid righthander and wiped out and never came out. Lifeguards and everyone else on the beach were looking for an hour and 20 minutes until they finally found his body.”

Robinson was equally home behind the lens and in the water, spending long summer stints in Puerto Escondio and chasing winter swells in NorCal. He’s most recently known for filming Twiggy’s XXL Ride of the Year this winter at the Mav’s contest and has been a frequent Surfline contributor and he’ll be greatly missed. 

Puerto resident Ana Quadros adds, “It wasn’t super big, I don’t know how it happened — no one does.” RIP: NOEL ROBINSON

9:45am. Noel was finally found after been underwater for 1:15 minutes. CPR is given to him.

Northern California native and part-time Puerto resident Noel Robinson drowns while surfing Puerto

Noel Robinson, great surfer and friend of SURFING Magazine drowned one hour after this photo above was shot. Last year Noel  came along with Greg Long to SURFING Magazine’ s Google Earth Challenge trip. He was one of the nicest people around and will be greatly missed. 

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