Rasta & Al Gore v boju proti klimatskim spremembam

Rasta & Al Gore v boju proti klimatskim spremembam
July 16, 2009 Kaja Cencelj
Rasta : photo Stacy  

Billabong Freesurfer David Rastovich has been selected from more than 2000 Australasian applicants to be trained by former US Vice President Al Gore at The Climate Project – Australia Asia Pacific Summit (A-P Summit) in Melbourne in 11 – 13 July.

Building on the work of The Climate Project – Australia, the A-P Summit will bring together 300 people representing a diverse cross section of industry, advocacy and broad social groupings from Australasia and the Asia Pacific region. Mr Gore and a panel of international experts will provide the training hosted by the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Rastovich will have the chance to help focus and re-invigorate the Asia Pacific’s regional response to climate change in the lead into the critical UNCCC Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009. It’s a big opportunity for the passionate environmentalist, who was selected based on his work protecting the marine environment and the foundation of his own organisation Surfers For Cetaceans.

“I think anyone passionate about protecting the environment and the issue of Climate Change would jump at the chance to listen to and learn from Al Gore,” said Rastovich.  “Part of attending this summit is to become an advocate for climate change and to pass on the messages through my own activities.”

“I feel Climate Change plays a large part in the issues I’m passionate about, especially the protection of marine mammals such as Whales and Dolphins.”

“The A-P Summit has a specific focus on the unique window of time to act on climate change. Together A-P Summit delegates will inspire people from the region to make a difference at global level,” said Angela Rutter, Manager of The Climate Project – Australia.

One in seventy five Australians have now seen a presentation delivered by one of the 250 Al Gore trained Climate Project presenters working throughout communities in Australia. www.billabong.com.au 

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    Marko Odič 2026 years ago

    “herb garden”… 😀

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    klemen 2026 years ago

    yeah, but what about that manbearpig??? 😀

  3. Author
    Kaja 2026 years ago

    Rasta is also known for his alternate lifestyle, which includes daily yoga sessions and meditation. Due to his concern for our environment, he maintains his very own organic veggie garden, and is constantly working on ways to make surfboards more eco-friendly.[i “I want to succinctly present the details of the issues which relate to surfers and to be a voice for coastal people conduit between this culture and mainstream society.[/i ” But for Rastovich the aspirations for fighting for the planet won’t stop there. “I want to meet and establish connections with like minded individuals who are working on environmental solutions and exposing environmental criminals.”Welcome aboard, Rasta!

  4. Andrej 2026 years ago

    go rasta hrasta;D

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