novi Snowbroader

novi Snowbroader
September 27, 2008 Kaja Cencelj

Hey friends!
With an intact passion and dedication, and strong of the experience, credibility, and traffic gained, is back and has grown into the first, 100% snowboard focused, Premium Snowboard Blog Network!

Now, a brand new SnowBroader just for you, to take you closer to the snowboard action!


This year we have evolved into a PREMIUM SNOWBOARD BLOGS NETWORK!
Today SnowBroader already features PROblogs from the TTR World Tour, professional photographer Christian Brecheis, pro-riders Cyril Neri and Anne-Flore Marxer, film crews Storbis, Isenseven and Pirates, and brands such Les Ettes or FST Handwear; with many more to come!
For you, it is a unique way to get a true feel of the lifestyle, and to interact with real people from the snowboard scene. That’s pretty unique and definitely a small revolution!
check it out and let us know what you think!

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