Miky Picon talks about his Dream Tour experience so far

Miky Picon talks about his Dream Tour experience so far
April 11, 2008 Kaja Cencelj

Miky Picon (FRA), 29, current No. 29 on the 2008 ASP World Tour ratings, is preparing for the Dream Tour’s South Pacific leg that will take him to the world famous locations of Tahiti and Fiji.

Picon, who is one of four European surfers of the 2008 Dream Tour with Jeremy Flores (FRA), Tiago Pires (PRT) and Aritz Aranburu (EUK), spent two months in Australia where he placed equal 17th in the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast and equal 33rd in the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

At home in Capbreton until April 28, Picon will attend the ASP WQS 4-Star Vendée Pro next week before taking off for the blue lagoons of Tahiti for the Billabong Pro. He gives us a look back on the Australian leg.      

1.Two events down on the 2008 ASP World Tour. How do you look back on the Quiksilver Pro and the Rip Curl Pro?

I felt good in Australia for two months and even if my results were average I feel like it is going to happen. I have good boards and this is a major part of the recipe. I faced tough opponents in both events, Andy Irons (HAW) and Taj Burrow (AUS) on the Gold Coast, Taylor Knox (USA) at Bells Beach…

Big names for sure but I am getting there. Apart from the contests, we had a great time with Tiago (Pires) and Jeremy (Flores) and some really fun waves at Winkipop. What comes out of these first events is: I can surf a lot better and I have to improve my tactics in the water, so I feel like I have the keys to make things better.

2. The Dream Tour will now hit the South Pacific with barreling lefthanders, how do you like this leg?

I love these waves and places. Looking at the competitive aspect, you just have to be very focused, choose a strategy on your wave choice and off course, not leave your courage home because it can get really gnarly. But I feel better on those waves compared to the Australian righthanders… I can't bare surfing backside anymore after two months down under!

3. Back home for a bit, until April 28. What's your day like at home?

I just love surfing at home. The waves are so fun I feel like it's relaxing and I can enjoy myself almost every day in the water. I've been trying a lot of new boards because I am always looking for new sensations so home is the best place to do this. But when I am at home, it's a lot of organisation and administration as well I have to catch up with, and off course being with my family and friends is just perfect.

4. Now you are done with two Dream Tour events, are you planning on surfing a few World Qualifying Series (WQS) events this year?

I am focused on the ASP World Tour. Once you qualify for it you have to be 100% dedicated to these eleven events and personaly, I cannot focus on two goals at a time. This year it is all about the ASP Top 45 requalification and I will do everything for it.

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