Kelly Slater v zaporu v Izraelu zaradi lepotičke Bar

Kelly Slater v zaporu v Izraelu zaradi lepotičke Bar
October 24, 2007 Kaja Cencelj

Tel Aviv (dpa) – Israeli police detained eight-time surfing world champion Kelly Slater Saturday over a fist-fight he had with Israeli paparazzi, a spokesman said Sunday. The American surfer was out at a club in an entertainment area at the port of Tel Aviv, reportedly with Israeli model Bar Rafaeli, and headed back to his hotel in the early hours of Saturday. Eager to film or photograph the two together, paparazzi followed Rafaeli's car and awaited the pair at the entrance to his hotel in the sea-side city of Herzliyya, north of Tel Aviv, where he was dropped off by Rafaeli. They then approached Slater and an argument and brawl erupted, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. Police arrived at the scene and took Slater to a nearby police station, where he was questioned for about two hours. The spokesman said Slater, who has reportedly since left the country, was released and no further action would be taken against him, unless the two photographers decided to file a complaint against him. Israeli media reported that Slater pushed one of the photographers and threatened to"strangle"the other, but Rosenfeld gave no details of the brawl. The media quoted the surfer himself as saying in his defence that he only pushed the paparazzi to clear the way. Rafaeli has vowed to Israeli media to no longer host foreign celebrities in Israel because she was embarassed by the behaviour of Israeli paparazzi. Israeli police also arrested two locally-hired bodyguards of her reported former boyfriend, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, during his widely-reported visit to her parents in March. The bodyguards also became involved in a fistfight with photographers and cameramen filming him and the Israeli model touring the Old City of Jerusalem.

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