Kam na poročno potovanje s surfom/surfarjem?

Kam na poročno potovanje s surfom/surfarjem?
February 23, 2010 Kaja Cencelj


Huduranfushi means Island of White Gold. The resort formally known as Lohifushi has been completely refurbished and upgraded to a proper 4 star standard luxury beach villa resort.

Aitken Spence Hotels took over the island transforming the resort to a modernized luxury island. The refurbishment included 137 guest rooms (beach villas) and also the addition of 26 new water bungalows to the room inventory. All Beach villas are completely new with new interior and exterior architecture and design. (see images on the left). All villas will have thatched roofs, timber front deck, polished cement flooring, TV, Mini bar, bathtub and outdoor open air shower. Rooms will be expanded to approximately sq/m 44 per unit.

SURFING : Hudhuranfushi Resort is the best destination in the North Male Atoll for surfing with 7 surfing breaks within 20 minutes travel by dhoni boat.

Wavehunters offers a pre-paid surfing pass that gives surfers 2 daily dhoni boat trips to the surf breaks. A maximum of 45 surfers are permitted at a time for these boat trips in 3 x dhoni boats (max. 15 surfers per boat).

Surf Spots & Seasons: The Maldives experiences a similar surf season to Indonesia. The best waves can be had from March to October, with the biggest swells likely to occur in June/July/August.  

During these months the conditions are predominantly off-shore all day and the swell direction is mainly South South East (SSE). The surf generally ranges in size from 2-8 feet, however bigger days have been experienced. A great variety of reef breaks exist ranging in intensity from quite mellow shreddable walls to gnarlier hollow pits. There is something for everyone. In the North Male’ atoll, between Male’ and Thulhusdhoo is an assortment of 7 breaks.
“Jailbreaks” is a classic right-hander that was previously off limits. A long down the line right-hander with 3 distinct sections including a mid barrel section. Rides of up to 300m can be had when it’s lining up. “Honky’s” is located near HP reef just North of Himmafushi Island. It is a fast wrapping left at 4-6ft and needs the right swell direction. Worth checking if “Sultans” is crowded.

On the other side of the channel you have “Sultans”. An easy right-hand take off which leads you to an intense wrapping section at the end. Breaks 3-8ft. Please note: this wave is the most protected from the southerly winds in the North Male atoll and collect the most swell – so go there if it is small.

20 minutes further North you will find the right-hander known as “Ninjas” which breaks off Kani Resort. A mellower right-hander which can be quite fickle.

Directly opposite Kani Resort you have “Lohis”, a long wackable left-hander that breaks off Lohifushi Resort – very consistent wave and has hosted the WQS O’neil ‘Deep Blue Open’ for the past 3 years. See www.deepblueopen.com for some historic images.

25 minutes north of Lohifushi are 2 breaks opposite each other at a reef pass. The right-hander known as “Cokes (Colas)” breaks 3-10ft and is fairly protected from the southerly winds that may affect other breaks such as “Lohis”. This wave has been well photographed and is the hollowest in the North Male atoll. This will test your tube-riding ability.

The left hander known as “Chickens” is probably the fastest wave in the North Male atoll. This wave holds swell size from 3ft to well over 10ft and provides rides up to 500m long.

The resort is perfect for surfing couples, honeymooners, families or the boys looking to kick back in style. Located in the North Male atoll approximately 30 minutes boat ride from Male airport. The resort is a 4 star multi facility island paradise with sandy beaches, crystal clear pristine lagoons surrounded by coral reefs teeming with colourful tropical fish and more importantly it hosts a perfect left-hander which wraps around the south east corner.  Not only do you have access to the quality left-hander within paddling distance, but also use of the resort boats for transfers to the outer reefs, e.g. Cokes, Chickens, Sultans etc

An expert surfguide is employed by Wavehunters to coordinate boat transfers for guests and ensure no communication hassles occur. 

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