Kalifornijski izum za hitrejše pedlanje

Kalifornijski izum za hitrejše pedlanje
July 22, 2009 Kaja Cencelj

A 25-year financial advisor has invented a surfboard product that makes surfing easier. Every surfer knows that surfing is fun, but to surf, you need to paddle the board. A small pad, called the ‘DPop,’ Velcro’d to the surfboard near the chest, makes paddling more comfortable. Users can paddle faster, catch more waves, and surf longer without getting tired.

Long-term Ventura, CA surfer Roger Jewett says, “I could immediately feel more paddle power and was favorably impressed with the results. Also, the power allowed me to catch waves earlier and more frequently.” About surfing with a pad on the deck Roger said, “At no time…did I have a problem with tripping or stumbling over the DPop unit, which was surprising since I had expected this to be a problem.”

Beginner surfer Kyle Ruda who stood up for his first two waves using a DPop says, “I rented a surfboard today and it was really hard to keep the speed that I needed to stay with the wave, until Denno came up to me and asked me to try it out. It was fantastic; paddling became so much easier and smoother. I’d recommend this product to all beginning and experienced surfers. It’s an even greater way to enjoy surfing.”

The inventor, Dennis Crispin, one day in 2007 was thinking of going surfing, but was tired of paddling the board, which involves keeping the back arched.

With a trip to the local surf shop he was soon in his garage slicing up a traction pad, which normally is on the tail of a surfboard as traction for the rear foot. Placing the pieces on the chest area of the deck, Crispin was soon surfing with it and getting attention from other surfers.

“I was thinking of buying a Stand Up Paddle board (SUP),” Crispin says, “…because with SUP you never have to paddle. I wanted to avoid the cost of a large board and make paddling my board easier, and this is what I came up with.”


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