August 27, 2007 Kaja Cencelj

Howie had got hold of a copy of Sunny Abberton's documentary film about his brothers and the rest of the Bra Boys, and we watched it last night. Set in Sydney suburb of Maroubra, it follows the struggles of the Abbertons against various adversaries. Nothing like your standard surf documentary film with drippy surfers farting on about 'surfing with all my friends…', this one's got it all from sick barrels at Our's, Cyclops and elsewhere, plenty of footage of street rumbles (including Mark Matthew's 21st birthday bash in the Codgee RSL where unfortunately the police were also having a party upstairs, which descended into an all out brawl) as well as plenty of comedy mixed in with the violence. Not that any of the stuff that goes down isn't stuff that happens every single day in cities all across the world, it's just normally this has nothing to do with surfing, particularly pro surfers. Narrated by Russell Crowe, this is the most watched Australian documentary of all time and word is is set for a big worldwide cinema distribution deal. If you get a chance check it out, it's pretty damn good.

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  1. dejan 2026 years ago

    samo v soboto sem ga pogledal ene 4x

  2. mm
    Mitja Legat 2026 years ago

    sm gledu pa mij bi res gut, razn na konc je preveč limonada…

  3. David Srakar 2026 years ago

    mmm ja ke se pa ta film lahka dobi ? :- 🙂

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