100 People Surf 1 Wave

100 People Surf 1 Wave
November 10, 2009 pj




New WORLD RECORD in Cape Town, South Africa in october 2009 for :

100 people surf 1 wave together on the same wave.





These surfers don’t mind sharing their wave.

Surfers were out in force on this beach in Cape Town at the Earthwave beach festival in Muizenberg, South Africa, to try and break the world record for most surfers on a wave.  Participants had to ride a wave together for minimum of 5 seconds.  The previous record, set in Brazil, stood at 100 on Earthwave festival in Santos in 2008.  After several attempts, organizers claimed success.   Later report had the number at a more modest 103 – still enough to unofficially break the record _pending confirmation by Guinness. 







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  1. Jaka 2026 years ago

    Močno spominja na zarautz ob lepem vremenu 😀

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