Stare novice iz leta 2005 III

Stare novice iz leta 2005 III
January 6, 2005 Ujusansa Surf Klub

Stare novice iz leta 2005 – tretji del.

JJ – Pred kratkim je izsel Jackov novi album In Between Dreams.

Kdo je Jack Johnson? Ex pro surfer, kolega od slaterja in en fajn glasbenik s kitarco. Novi album bo pospremil s turnejo kjer ga spremljajo G love in Donavon Frankenreiter, ustavil pa se bo tudi v Evropi (Madrid, Barcelona, Lizbona, Paris, Koln, Hmaburg, Berlin pa mejbi se kje. Vec o njemu in njegovi muski izveste na

Komur se pa ne da gledat pa en kratek intervju z njim:

Jack Johnson

Q: Where did you grow up?

A: On the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

Q: When did you start playing guitar?

A: I started playing when I was 14.

Q: What was the first song you learned on the guitar?

A: I learned two at the same time: One by Metallica and Father and Son by Cat Stevens.

Q: What did you do before you put out Brushfire Fairytales?

A: I made surf films.

Q: What are some of your favorite Surf Movies?

A: The Seedling, Litmus, Filthy Habbits, Blazing Boards, Bunyip Dreaming, Green Iguana, and Endless Summer.

Q: Who are some of your (musical) influences?

A: I dig Nick Drake, The Beatles, Hendrix, Tribe Called Quest, Dylan, Ben Harper, Radio Head, G. Love and Special Sauce, Otis Redding, Neil Young, Marley, Kurosawa, Tom Curren and so on.

Q: List the 5 cds your listening to now?

A: any of the Trojan dub compilations, Night Nurse – Gregory Isaacs, Yoshimi… – Flamming Lips, Giant Step – Taj Mahal, and Mason Jennings.

Biznis je biznis Kaj novega? BING Adidas-Salomon AG je napovedal prodajo Salomona, ki vkljucuje znamke Salomon, Mavic, Bonfire, Arc’Teryx in Cliché. Srecni kupec je Amer Sports Corporation iz Helsinkov (Wilson, Atomic, Suunto, Precor). Vrednost posla je okoli 485 mio EUR.

BONG O’neill se je odlocil za serijo oblek in opreme pod imenom, schtrom, ki ga lahko obleces ali nekaj podobnega. Sedaj je na voljo nahrbtnik s solarnimi celicami, ki polnijo Bluetooth modul, napajajo iPod in tudi mobitel. Lahko omenim se bundo, ki ima v rokav vsite kontrole za iPod, v zepu komande za mobitel in v ovratniku majhen mikrofon za prostorocno telefoniranje. Vec pa izveste na oneillovi strani… Jet ski tuba 5 in 6 meterski valovi na Teahupoo, kjer se bo 5.5. zacela cakalna doba za Billabong Pro Tahiti so na tow-in surfing izvabili v lineup tiste proje in lokalce, ki so si ze postlali postelje na Tahitiju in cakajo na zacetek tekme. Kako sfurat tubo. kjer ti cez glavo letijo jetskiji…

Inches From Death: Teahupoo Explodes With Ski Shattering Force

In one death defying moment the heaving left hander of Teahupoo has displayed its full lethal potential to the worlds best surfers in town for the Billabong Pro Tahiti serving up monster 5-6m (12-15ft) waves.

As the world’s top 45 men and 17 women begun arriving at the small fishing village last night for the greatest surfing show on earth and the third event on the Foster’s Men’s World Tour, a major pulse in Pacific Ocean energy saw the heaving left hander of Teahupoo (Cheo-poo) live up to its reputation as one of the world’s heaviest waves.

In full view of the world’s elite including three times world champion Andy Irons (Haw), younger brother Bruce, big wave charger Shane Dorian (Haw) and the surfing paparazzi, Tahitian charger Raimana Van Bastoloer went within an inch of losing his life in one of the most radical surfing near misses ever witnessed.

As the local goofy footer was towed into a 4m (12ft) morning set, his jet ski driver Reef Macintosh (Haw) was caught in the wave lip and unable to pull out, careering the ski directly over the pitching lip and into the path of Van Bastoloae. Pulling into the massive barreling wave, Van Bastoloae ducked at the last second, the abandoned jet ski narrowly missing his head and spearing straight into the shallow reef.

I saw a black thing out of the side of my eye, I just ducked my head and then I don’t know what happened, said Van Bastoloer in his broken English. I saw this thing going and I was like, where is the guy driving on it, then I saw Reef trying to come up and we lost the ski but good thing I never lost my friend and myself, so it’s ok.

Van Bastoloae who is renowned for charging some of the biggest waves ridden at Teahupoo has had is share of close encounters but rates today as the nearest he has been to facing death. Despite the miraculous escape from a certain death Van Bastoloer continued to charge the line-up as the swell built throughout the day to be bordering on unbelievable by sunset.

It is the heaviest by far, what happened today was the first time and hopefully the last time, no hard feelings, shit happens, you can still replace a jet ski but you can not replace your body.

Irons’ was sitting in the channel nearby after witnessing the morning session from the relative safety of a nearby boat. After arriving in Teahupoo late last night, the champ had never towed at the infamous left-hander before and the jet ski incident did little to dent his confidence, going wave for wave with the tight tow pack.

That was the heaviest thing I have ever seen, said Irons. My really good friend Reef was actually driving the ski and he jumped off, almost went over the falls and the ski went over Raimana’s head, he got barreled by his own ski. It missed his head by about six inches, it was psycho.

It was crazy, that was the first time I have ever towed out there and it was an amazing experience, said Irons. The waves weren’t ideally perfect, it was a little bumpy but when they came through they were just so thick and heavy it was awesome.

Billabong Pro wildcard Manoa Drollet (Tah) picked off the day’s bomb wave which many locals claimed was as big as any ever ridden at Teahupoo before. The Tahitian trials champion enjoyed some heart stopping moments towing in with Irons. The pair will now face each other in the same arena in their opening heat of this year’s competition.

I’m definitely feeling like all the jitters have gone, said Irons. I’ve got Manoa in my heat and he is the hardest guy in the whole contest so if I get past him I definitely feel like I can get on a roll so I am looking forward to the start of the event.

Dorian, who flew in on the weekly Saturday flight from Hawaii yesterday with 21-year-old tow partner Ian Walsh (Haw), dominated the shifting line-up from the outset. Charging straight into the takeoff zone without waiting for a set, the former WCT surfer scored three huge backside tube rides before anyone else had caught a wave.

It was awesome out there this morning, said Dorian. We travel all around the world and we see so many spots, whether it be Waimea Bay, Jaws, Mavericks or Pipeline, we have seen it all in surfing and there is nothing that comes close to this place. It’s so far beyond anything else in regards to intensity and power.

Conditions are predicted to ease slightly over night with 2-3m waves expected for the beginning of the official event waiting period from May 5th. Swell je trescil ob beachbreak v Angletu in mi smo bili tam in pofotkali. Sveze fotke iz Francije kmalu… A bo? Ce gres na Portugal ti bo tole lustn za prebrat, ce pa ne gres, si pa niti

mislit ne smes, da tega ne bos prebral 🙂 Entonces, como tu quieres: v zivo s Kanarov… niti ne vem kako bi zacel; za zacetek; tole pa reklama; tkole povem: briga

me kok se vas tisi v kombiju do Portugalske, men je vazn, da ga bom jst furu cez vikend na Lobosu sam s petimi frendi in offshore in 2.5 metra…da pa to napisem, pa zato, ker se nisem pozabu od kje sm prsu in je se vedno ostalo v men, da folk spravlam v vodo, k se lomjo valovi increible……..torej; k sm vidu, me je na rt vrgl, kam greste: scal bo skoz… ponedeljka, torej k pridete tja bo cel teden vroce k kurba,okol 23 in……light offshore….mama mia. cez vikend pride swell skor direkt iz zahoda, tko da bo v PO zjutraj bl za pogumne, do popoldneva bi se mogl pa ze umirit; TO cel dan, k bi se lohk presliku na Supertubos, pa za znalce mal lazji valovi tut drugje; ne se ga nazgt v To zvecer, k sreda zjutri je se zatisje pred novim swellom in lohk izkoriste za perfect session kjerkol v Penichu, ker bo veter res precej light, cez dan probite se izkoristt Supertubos, ker je zakrit pred Severnim swellom, tko da bo se najbolj nezn z vami, cez dan pa naslednja dva dni se pa pomaknt na Molho Leste tik za pomolom, kjer ne bi smel jt cez 2m in ga bo sekal; pa ker razgled na nice size stubos….ma mogoce si bom kr za en teden pocitnce zrihtu, v soboto, k se bo swell umiril…………………pa tkole………….za tok cajta naprej je ful

tezko napovedat, je pa neki; vse bol kaze, da se bo zacel ciklon vrtincit

nad severnim atlantikom in manjsat, tko da bo cel cajt posiljal valove;

perfect spomladanska napoved, pa se nizk pritsk nad marokom kaze da bo se neki cajta ostal, kar bo povzrocal offshore vetrove in to je ta k ns na

kanarih jebe s severnikom……………………….zdej pa tko…….brcn

u rt svojga frenda, recmu da bo pac naslednja dva mesca manj casha zapravu za travo pa hash pa zbas ga u kombi………….drgac pa tok za samoobrambo in v prihodnje jebanje me v glavo…………….vse skup je CISTA LOTERIJA, sam ce bi mi dilo prpelal ke, pa ce bi si lohk zrihtu frej na sihtu, bi se zihr vidl………tole pa tut……….vse sm napisu, pa se mi vse zbrise, pa mi je tlele racunalnicar vse nazaj preklicu……torej je res neki na

tem, da bo stala, vsaj tko bi razmislal nasi buda majstri 🙂 (pa se

zgodbica v newstlerju zakaj mogoce vsaj mal zaupat)…….sicer pa vem, da

je bolj gledat slike k se ekipa vrne in pizdti; jebemu mast, naslednic

pa…………. (igor) Zivci Ce gre nasa stran komu na zivce lahko naredi tole ce pa hko pogresa morje pa tole Surf film festival Festival International du Film de Surf de Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Mednarodni surf film festival malo juzno od Angleta v Saint-Jean-de-Luzu se bo odvil od 4-7 maja. Program je pester:

Sreda 4 maj

15h00 Présentation du Jury

17h30 Amuz

19h30 Cérémonie d’Ouverture

20h00 Style Master

21h00 Les vagues

cetrtek 5 maj

15h00 Handi Surf (Hors Compétition) + débat

17h00 Transmission

17h45 One Life

19h00 Surfez Provencal

19h15 Flat Country (100% méditerranée)

20h45 Style Tudor

21h00 Surf Movie : reels 1-14

22h00 Globus (Hors Compétition)

Petek 6 maj

16h00 Samba, trance & rock’n Roll

17h00 Inner Visions from the Search

17h30 Way of Life

18h45 Balsa the Story

19h15 The 6th Element

21h15 Les fils du pays

22h00 Sprout

Sobota 7 maj

15h00 Seasons

16h15 Fashion

17h00 Effet Mer

18h00 Fabio Fabuloso

21h00 Cérémonie de Clôture

21h30 On Safary to Stay (zakljucek)

Lanskoletni nagrajenci so bili:

RIDING GIANTS od STACY PERALTE, LONGER (za glasbo), LIQUID TIME za sliko, SINGLEFIN : YELLOW za najDVD, BILLABONG ODYSSEY je dobil nagrado obcinstva, STIMULINE pa nagrado zirije.

Ce se boste slucajno mudili v blizini – karte se dobi na turist officu v Sain-Jean-de-Luzu ali na email, vec info pa tu Na zahodu nic novega? Omenjeni Toesover Longboard Festival v Rimu je dobil… Omenjeni Toesover Longboard Festival v Rimu je dobil Alessandro Ponzanelli. Fotke iz prve tekme na siciliji si lahko pogledate tule. Ni bas nek swell… Cez par dni pa se zacne tudi cakalna doba za Wild Boys Surf Contest Italy 22 april – 22 may 2005. Shortboard longboard bodyboard skimboard indoboard in naj fotka. Vse na siciliji. Ni da ni. Last call Za Portugalsko je se kaksen stol v kombiju prost. Kdor bi rad posadil svojo ta zadnjo nanj, naj se javi andrazu na 041 877 057. Drive thru Europe Kot smo ze porocali se je med lansko zimo po Evropi snemal film Drive thru Europe, v katerem nastopajo… Kot smo ze pisali v novicah nekaj mesecev nazaj so v Italiji na nekateri spotih videli Kelly Slater-ja, Pat O’conell,… in druge pro surferje na nekaterih znamenitih spotih med snemanjem se enega filma iz serije; Drive Thru… tukaj je trailer filma ,ki bo uradno izsel nekje sredi maja 2005… Surfanje v New York-u Vsi, ki nameravate odpotovati v USA, natancneje v New York

nikar ne pustite dilce doma… Ce slucajno potujete v New York vzemite s seboj dile kajti tudi tam srfajo. filem Billabong XXL Pred kratkim so bili objavljeni letosnji finalisti za najveČji val pretekle sezone… Skupina big wave struckotov bo analizirala stevilne slike in filmcke iz raznih kotov od vseh nominirancev in na koncu odlocila kateri val je imel najvecji face. Zmagovalcu bo to prineslo $1000 za vsak cevelj ob tem da je minimum $60,000. Lanskoletni zmagovalec Pete Cabrinha iz Havajev je zasluzil $70,000 za svoje rekorden 70ft val. Podelitev nagrad in razglasitev zmagovalcev bo 22. aprila.

Billabong XXL Biggest Wave Award Nominees:

Don Curry(Carmel, CA) at Ghost Trees, Pebble Beach, California on March 9, 2005

Shane Dorian (Kona, HI) at Peahi/Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on January 17, 2005

Garrett McNamara (Pupukea, HI) at Peahi/Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on December 15, 2004

Dan Moore (Sunset Beach, HI) at Peahi/Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on December 15, 2004

Tyler Smith (Santa Cruz, CA) at Ghost Trees, Pebble Beach, California on March 9, 2005

Monster Biggest Paddle Wave Award Nominees:

Shane Desmond (Santa Cruz, CA) at Maverick’s, California on March 2, 2005 [during the Maverick’s Surf Contest]

Shane Dorian (Kona, HI) at Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii on December 15, 2004 [during the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau contest]

Andy Irons (Hanalei, HI) at Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii on December 15, 2004 [during the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau contest]

Bruce Irons (Hanalei, HI) at Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii on December 15, 2004 [during the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau contest]

Greg Long (San Clemente, CA) at Maverick’s, California on March 2, 2005 [during the Maverick’s Surf Contest]

Monster Tube Award Nominees:

Danilo Couto (Brazil) at Peahi/Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on December 15, 2004

Eraldo Gueiros (Brazil) at Peahi/Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on December 15, 2004

Archie Kalepa (Maui) at Peahi/Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on December 15, 2004

Dylan Longbottom (Australia) at Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania, Australia on February 19, 2005

Raimana Van Bastolaer (Tahiti) at Teahupoo, Tahiti on April 22, 2004

Vec sare pa na Red Bull Ice Breaker Nekaj za Medulin fane…

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Jesse Hines je zmagal v najbolj mrzli surf tekmi na svetu. Vsi poznamo take razmere – premalo valov, kadar so valovi je slabo vreme, mraz, razpihano… saj smo iz Slovenije. In Če je evropska obala Atlantika the place to be za deskanje na valovih jo ameriška vzhodna obala, ki jo prav tako obliva Atlantik bolj slabo odnese. Da pa bi vsakdanje surf razmere pripeljali do extrema so si rekli: Ne, ne bomo naše tekme premaknili nekam na toplo, ampak bodimo karakterji in naredimo ravno nasprotno. Gremo v mraz in zimo do maximuma!. (OK, mal se zmišljujem) Dejstvo pa je, da je Red Bull Ice Breaker tekma, ki se je ravnokar odvila v Kanadi v pokrajini Nova Scotia, v severovzhodnem Atlantiku, da je bilo svinjsko mraz, oblaČno in da se temperaturi vode in zraka vrtita okoli 0 stopinj celzija. Kljub temu pa so v finalu doČakali super dvometerski swell, ki je delal perfect valove na kamnitem levem poinbreaku. V množici eastcoast surferjev se je najboljše odrezal Jesse Hines iz Severne Karoline. Kljub konkurenci je bilo najtežje premagati naravo: Če te val parkrat ujame in greš pod vodo zaČneš zmrzovati. ZaČne te strašansko boleti glava in vse se ti vrti, ko prideš na površje.! Tudi drugi so imeli podobne probleme: Surfanje v mrzli vodi te izmozga. Kljub vsej opremi se zdi kot da je zrak redkejši in mraz res pride naravnost v pljuČa. Lahko bi rekli, da je to surferski Ironman.


1.Jesse Hines – Outer Banks, North Carolina

2. Frank Walsh – Longport, New Jersey

3. Sam Hammer – Lavallette, New Jersey

4. Dean Randazzo – Somer’s Point, New Jersey

5. Matt Keenan – Ocean City, New Jersey

6. Andrew Gesler – Ocean City, New Jersey

En dan pred tekmo je bilo morje še Čisto mirno z nekaj penami od moČnega vetra. Med tekmovalci se je že širila novica, da tekme ne bo in da so pripotovali zaman (tekma ima kar 2 meseca Čakalne dobe). Ampak napoved se je uresniČila in zjutraj jih je pozdravil že omenjeni 2meterski swell in super valovi, ki bi razen mraza lahko konkurirali kateremukoli finalu surf tekmovanj po svetu. Brrr.

PS: na uradni strani so sedaj na volju tudi filmcki letosnje akcije. Italian Longboard Tour 2005 Druga tekma je bila odlozena zaradi smrti papeza, vec o touru…

Tisti, ki ste ze surfali v okolici Rima, veste, da je tam kar nekaj dobrih spotov. Omenjena tekma naj bi potekala v okolici Civitavecchie in sicer takole:

Waiting Period > april – maj 2005

Location > spoti v okolici Civitavecchie (Marangone, Piccolo

Paradiso, Ideale, Lega Navale + 2 secret spot) in Santa Severe (Off the wall)

glede na razmere

Organizacija> Toes Over Surf Club – Civitavecchia

Program celega toura pa je taksen:

1 tekma: Sicilia – MAREC Sicilia Longboard Classic – zmagovalec Matteo Mastino

2 tekma: Lazio – APRIL-MAJ Toes Over Longboard Festival (ze cetrtic)

3 tekma: Toscana – JULIJ Long In Forte

4 tekma: Sardegna – SEPTEMBER Sardinia Longboard Open (ze petic)

5 tekma: Liguria – OKTOBER Cinghiale Marino Longboard Cup (drugic)

Trenutni vrstni red.

Pa se PRIJAVNICA, ce koga prime.

Flea Biti pro surfer je zabavno…

Daryl Flea Virostko, Eddie Aikau Invitational Rip Curl Peniche Tiste, ki greste za 1. maj na Portugalsko bo mogoce zanimalo, da se bo v parih dneh v Penichu odvila WQS tekma, ce pa ste mlad in perspektiven slovenski surfer… Rip Curl Pro Peniche

The Rip Curl Pro, ninth contest of this year’s WQS Tour and introducer of the international season in Portugal, will be taking place between the 14th and the 16th of April, in Peniche. This one star WQS, which runs for 19 consecutive years, also adds up as the second jewel of the European EPSA Tour.

The first event of EPSA Tour 2005, took place in Asturias during the Easter weekend and was won by the young Basque Aritz Aranburu (third in Peniche in 2003) with the present European Champion, Portuguese Justin Mujica, in third position still recovering from a injured knee.

After the previous editions of this event, always with peak conditions, expectations are high for the Rip Curl Pro Peniche. Last year, Peniche presented us with extraordinary conditions with perfect 4 to 6 feet barrels at Supertubos, worthy of the best European surfers.

The winner of last year’s edition was French youngster Tim Boal, feinting Ruben Gonzalez in the dying minutes of the final. Nevertheless Ruben would become national champion as well as third in the EPSA ranking that year, achieving his best results ever.

For this year’s event, Alfarroba provided mobile structures, which will allow Rip Curl Pro to move from the eventual poor surf at Lagido to high quality surf at Supertubos or Almagreira.

Of the 19 editions of the Rip Curl Pro, Portuguese athletes only won 3: João Antunes in 96, Rodrigo Herédia in 97 and Marcos Anastácio in 98. Being one of the wildcards of the contest Herédia has an additional try this year. His teammate, Edgar Nozes, winner of the first contest of the National Pro Junior Circuit in Carcavelos, will be the other wild card of the event.

Distinct from past editions, this year’s contest will finish Saturday, allowing space for the first national GromSearch, that will begin as soon as the main event is over and finishing Sunday.

The GromSearch is a concept developed by Rip Curl that seeks to find the best surfers amongst youngsters, in parallel with The Search, which seeks the best waves in the world. Zadnji jugo Slike iz zadnjega juga so v galeriji. Surferji in nepremiČninarji Naprodaj je 40m2 velik apartma na otoku Sal – Cabo Verde.

CABO VERDE, otok SAL, apartma 40m2, COLONIAL RESIDENCE, 300 m od morja, prvo nadstropje tretji z leve. Apartma je nov, opremljen s pohistvom v vrednosti 2000EUR, lahko se ga oddaja celo leto.

CIENA 40.000 EUR

TEL 00385 98 441 042 ali +38598 977 3334 Surferji in Grcija Surfanje v GrČiji se je zaČelo pred dobrimi desetimi leti, okoli 1993. Sedaj je v GrČiji pribljizno 200 surferjev, njihove spote pa si lahko pogledate na wannasurf Zakaj to? Oglasil se je surfer iz Ionskega morja, malo smo debatirali, ob priloznosti pa vrzemo gor se eno slikco, ki jo je poslal. Pravi, da mu izgleda Jadran zelo dober za surfanje. 😉 Surferji in fuzbalerji Kako grejo skupaj surferji in fuzbalerji pa v novi pepsijevi reklami. (spodaj kliknes free in pocakas, da prides na vrsto) T-Shirt Ena mala nagradna igra poteka na Surferji in jahtarji Surferji in jahtarji ne grejo skupaj. >>> Ucitelj smucanja Ce koga zanima tecaj za ucitelja smucanja naj poklice 041 877 057 – Andraz. Snowthrill Se zaČne danes. Kdo gre na Kanin?

Tudi v letu 2005 se nekateri najboljši smuČarji freeriderji ne bodo izognili slovenskim goram. Že petiČ po vrsti se bodo ustavili v Bovcu ter se nad dolino SoČe spopadli z zasneženimi strminami Prestreljenika in sosednjih vršacev, ki se vzdigujejo nad najvišje slovensko smuČišČe- Kanin. Tudi tokrat bo tekmovanje z dolgim imenom »Red Bull Snow Thrill Kvalifikacije na Kaninu« veljalo za eno redkih uradnih odskoČnih toČk za tiste, ki bi si radi priborili vabilo na najveČje tovrstno tekmovanje nasploh – Red Bull Snow Thrill. Od 17. do 20. marca se bodo tako v Bovcu zbrali ekstremisti iz številnih evropskih držav, prišlo pa bo tudi nekaj ljubiteljev snežnih brezpotij z velikim naklonom iz drugih celin. Med prijavljenimi so tako že AmeriČan, Novozelandec in KanadČan, na veliko veselje vseh pa se je že prijavil tudi Češki heroj Robin Kaleta, fant, ki je lani poletel Čez daleČ najvišji skalni odlom in poskrbel za, od tuljenja in ploskanja, otekla grla in dlani navdušenih gledalcev.

Licenca za Red Bull Snow Thrill!

Red Bull Snow Thrill, tekmovanje, ki slovi kot svetovno prvenstvo v freeride smuČanju, se je po mnogih letih umaknilo iz prestolnice evropskega prostega smuČanja, francoskega Chamonixa, ter se po letu poČitka preselilo Čez mejo, v italijanski Gressoney, natanČneje na poboČja Monte Rose. Tam naj bi nastopila tudi dobitnika vabil na Kaninu 2004- zmagovalec, Novozelandec Andrew Gowans in najboljši Slovenec s tega tekmovanja Jani PogaČar, vendar je bilo tekmovanje letos odpovedano zaradi preslabih snežnih razmer. Dobitnika vabil z letošnjega tekmovanja na Kaninu, najboljši tuji in najboljši slovenski tekmovalec, bosta nastopila na Monte Rosi 2006 (skupaj z Gowansom in PogaČarjem), za priprave na svojo veliko premiero na najvišjem nivoju pa bosta tako tudi ona dva imela celo leto.

Nagrade so vedno dobrodošle!?

Denarne nagrade v skupni višini 5.000 evrov si bodo razdelili prvi trije moški in prve tri ženske, predviden pa je tudi žreb praktiČnih nagrad, ne glede na uvrstitev.

Kako bo tekmovanje potekalo?

Dve kvalifikacijski vožnji za vse tekmovalce bosta izpeljani na isti dan (18. marec). Najboljši tekmovalci se bodo uvrstili v finale, predvidoma dan kasneje. Število finalistov bo doloČeno glede na razmere in bo objavljeno na sestanku za tekmovalce. Vsak tekmovalec bo imel na voljo eno finalno vožnjo.

Kaj predstavlja uspeh?

Rezultat predstavlja seštevek toČk, ki jih tekmovalcem, glede na nastop, podelijo sodniki. Ocene delijo na podlagi petih kriterijev, od katerih je prvi kljuČen in predstavlja osnovo tudi za ocene na podlagi ostalih štirih:

1. Izbira linije: pomembna je iznajdljivost tekmovalca pri izbiri linije, kot tudi težavnost izbrane linije (vsota naklona, lokacija linije na hribu, snežne razmere, ovire in tveganje).

2. Kontrola: šteje kontrola nad telesom med vožnjo. Padec šteje kot »popolna izguba kontrole«.

3. Ritem: bolj tekoČa je vožnja, višja je ocena. Najslabše tu je ustavljanje.

4. Tehnika: samo to… tehniČna dovršenost.

5. Agresivnost: vkljuČuje hitrost in skoke, kot tudi stopnjo tveganja in predanost, ki jo tekmovalec vloži v svojo linijo.

Varnost je na prvem mestu!

Med ogledom in tekmovanjem morajo vsi tekmovalci nositi Čelado, zašČito za hrbet, nahrbtnik in delujoČo lavinsko žolno. Med tekmovanjem so tekmovalni kombinezoni (drsenje in slaba zašČita) prepovedani; tekmovalci morajo nositi »normalna« smuČarska oblaČila.

Pa še zgodovina…

Bovec gosti tovrstno tekmovanje že peto leto zapored, tretjiČ pa velja kot kvalifikacijsko za Red Bull Snow Thrill.

2001 – Tekmovanje zaradi premoČnega vetra prestavi na poboČja nad prelazom VršiČ. Zmagovalec postane Avstrijec Wolfgang Huber.

2002 – Zaradi nevarnosti plazov in moČnega vetra tekmovanje ni bilo izpeljano.

2003 – Zmagovalec takmovanja v idealnih razmerah postane domaČin Deni VuČiČ, ki s spektakularnim skokom na transparente, z desetih metrov, premaga Romuna Iona Trandafirja. Oba se udeležita tekmovanja Red Bull Snow Thrill v Chamonixu, kjer Romun pride v finale, VuČiČ pa se znajde na repu liste rezultatov.

2004 – Z novim imenom in s tem povezanim veČjim zanimanjem se tekmovanje povzpne stopnico višje. Konkurenca je veliko hujša kot prejšnja leta in na zahtevnem poboČju v težkih razmerah, zmaga v rokah Andrewa Gowansa, odpotuje v Novo Zelandijo. Najboljši Slovenec je Jani PogaČar na 6. mestu. PrviČ tekmujejo tudi dekleta, brez domaČe predstavnice, zmago v nežnejši kategoriji pa v Avstrijo odnese študentka in smuČarska vodiČka Lorraine Huber.

Seznam tekmovalcev:


Florian Köfer Austria

Reini Mlinar Austria

Simon Wohlgenannt Austria

Fritz Mayerhofer Austria

Clemens Stieböck Austria

Herbert Loitzl Austria

Christian Rudig Austria

Ross Janzen Canada

Robin Kaleta Czech Republic

Loic Tonnot France

Nicolas Boidevezi France

Yann Martinot France

Clement Charrin France

Sebastian Conrad Germany

Johannes Schindler Germany

Axel Hoermann Germany

Simon Toplak Germany

Andrew David Great Britain

Gavin MacKay Great Britain

Simon Guthrie New Zealand

Kristijan Thorstensen Norway

Ion Trandafir Romania

Jani PogaČar Slovenia

Gregor Hernah Slovenia

David Volk Slovenia

Deni VuČiČ Slovenia

Grega Kavs Slovenia

Marko Bleiweiss Slovenia

Uroš Ule Slovenia

Miklavž Škorc Slovenia

Tomaž GabrijelČiČ Slovenia

Miha Glažar Slovenia

Eric Spongberg Sweden

Christian Björk Sweden

ÿþKalle Eriksson Sweden

Johan Jonsson Sweden

Johan Edenteg Sweden

Andrea Casura Switzerland

Roman Reiner Switzerland

Urs Baumgartner Switzerland

Marcel Beyeler Switzerland

Teddy Berr USA

Justin Hawxhurst USA


Lorraine Huber Austria

Christine Huber Austria

Martha Burley Australia

Katharina Mihaljevic Germany/Croatia

Christiane Haller Germany

Jo Guest Scottland

Johanna Erikson Sweden

Čakalna lista fantki:

1 Tommy Sundstrom Sweden

2 Roland Guetl Austria

3 Fredrik Andersson Sweden

4 Kurt Hutegger Austria

5 Eric Kleer Germany

6 Neil McGrath Great Britain

7 Lothar Hofer Germany

8 Fred Riot France

9 Dimitri d’Heedene France

10 Partick Gstrein Austria

11 Hannes Hutegger Austria

12 Philipp Muckhoff Austria

13 Oliver Jörg Krcmar Germany

14 Georg Landreiter Austria

15 Bjarte Lunde Norway

16 Matej Repnik Slovenia

17 Petter Salen Norway

18 Wolfgang Auinger Austria

19 Tomas Bergemalm Sweden

20 Eric Fracheboud Switzerland

21 Peter Bošnik Slovenia Freeride in slopestyle kemp na Voglu Med velikonoČnimi prazniki od 25. do 28. marca bo na smuciscu z najbolj¹im snowparkom in najmehkej¹im powdrom v Sloveniji potekal freeride in slopestyle kemp.

Med velikonoČnimi prazniki od 25. do 28. marca bo na smuciscu z najbolj¹im snowparkom in najmehkej¹im powdrom v Sloveniji potekal freeride in slopestyle kemp. Kaj to pomeni? To pomeni smuČanje in bordanje s strokovnjaki za freeride ter freestyle, ki vam bodo ne glede na raven znanja pomagali naprej. Skupno dru¾enje, sodelovanje in napredek. Urnik dogajanja bo sledeČ:

Petek, 25.3.

17:00-19:00 zbor udele¾encev in prijava

19:00 sestanek udele¾encev

Sobota, 26.3.

8:30 zbor pri gondoli

9:00-12:00 smuČanje

12:00-12:45 odmor za kosilo

13:30 smuČanje do konca

18:00 sestanek udele¾encev

20:00 specialni veČer

Nedelja, 27.3.

8:30 zbor pri gondoli

9:00-12:00 smuČanje

12:00-12:45 odmor za kosilo

13:30 smuČanje do konca

15:00 apreski relax party

20:30 riders party s podelitvijo nagrad udele¾encem

Ponedeljek, 28.3.

8:30 zbor pri gondoli

9:00-12:30 smuČanje

13:00 show must go on zakljuČek kampa

V nedeljo bo organiziran kontes na katerega imajo brezplaČen pristop vsi udele¾enci kempa po svoji lastni ¾elji. Cena 36.000 SIT vkljuČuje apartma, smuČarska karta, new school experti in riders party. Prijave na Wetsuiti se enkrat Cez 10 dni… Med velikonocnimi prazniki lahko iz Francije prinesem nekaj Rip Curlovih wetsuitov po ugodnih cenah (ni carine, ni postnine), ki bodo leto izgleda se lepo potrebni – pomladanska sezona se bliza. Kogar zanima naj se oglasi na email:


Classic 4/3 – 140EUR (20% elasta)

Classic 3/2 – 120 EUR

Core 4/3 – 170EUR (45% elasta)

Core 3/2 – 160EUR

Ultimate elasto 5/3 – 240EUR (100% elasto cel wetsuit)

Ultimate elasto 4/3 – 230EUR

Ultimate elasto 3/2 – 220EUR

Ultimate slickskin 5/3 – 240EUR

Ultimate slickskin 4/3 – 230EUR

Ultimate slickskin 3/2 – 220EUR

Ultimate fireskin 5/3 – 270EUR

Ultimate fireskin 4/3 – 250EUR

Ultimate fireskin 3/2 – 240EUR

Ker cene niso 100% lahko iz FR posljem SMS z dejansko ceno in potem poves DA/NE. 12 meterski shorboard? Avstralci so pred 5000 gledalci podrli rekord v ¹tevilu surferjev na deski. Na 30.000 EUR vredni dilci se je guzvalo kar 47 surferjev.

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) VeČ kot 5000 ljudi se je zbralo na Zlati obali Queenslanda v Avstraliji, da bi na val pospremilo cez stirideset guzvajocih se surferjev na 12.2-meterskem (40-ft) surfu. Surf po imenu Nev (shaper Nev Hyman) so na pla¾o pripeljali s tovornjakom, desko ¹irine 3 metre pa je v vodo moralo nesti kar 20 ljudi. Kar 100 ljudi (sva¹ta?) je celo jutro waxalo mrcino iz stiroporja in steklenih vlaken, potem pa se je na njem zapeljalo od 44 do 47 surferjev, med njimi tudi Chris Ward in Danny Wills, Čigar borad je bil model za to velikansko kopijo. Med vo¾njo so polomili tudi nekaj meterskih FCS finov in definitivno pesegli obstojeČi rekord 14 surferjev postavljen v angle¹kem Cornwall na 11-meterskem Malibuju leta 2003. Shaper Hyman je komentiral 4 minutno vo¾njo do obale: It was the best four minutes of my surfing life. It went in strong and straight. To be out there with those guys — they’re my best friends and pro surfers whom I’ve known for a long time — to be just laughing our heads off without a worry in the world, it’s what surfing is all about, I don’t think anyone has had more fun on a wave like that since the dawn of time.

Za izdelavo deske so porabili 300 liters of smole, pol tone pene in 220 metrov steklenih vlaken. Pa ¹e komentar Angle¾ev? Ti sicer noČejo preveČ jamrati glede na to, da se bo surf podal na dobrodelno pot okoli sveta in zbiral denar za ¾rtve cunamija, ampak pripomnili pa so, da je na nosu surfa lepo videti vrv in se sprasujejo ali so Avstralci v resnici surfali ali pa so jih mogoce vlekli.

©e kaj dodati? Da vam ¾elimo Čim manj takih surfov v lineupu 🙂 Slater in trouble Kelly Slater je med Quiksilver Pro na Gold Coast (Australia) skocil se na podelitev MTV awards in tam ga je cakalo presenecenje.

Kelly Slater je v paru z ex-Playboy bunny – Anno-Nicole Smith podeljeval nagrado Best Video Award. Kaj se je dogajalo potem pa najbolje pokaze slika. Kelly, ki je sicer znan po svojem mirnem vedenju, je ob pogledu na 32DD zaČel gledati nekam v tla in preuČevati konice svojih Čevljev in se je se ravno pravi Čas umaknil Anni, ko je naskoČila pevca skupine The Dissociatives, ki je pri¹el na oder po nagrado. Beje se je Kelly z veseljem pobral nazaj na valove spota Superbank, kjer se tekmovanje nadaljuje z drugim heatom. Pedlanje ©e zmeraj pedlanje, sam fotke so pa fajn ->windzin SanSebastian Hvala Marko za tole novico!

V ©paniji se je zgodilo skoraj neverjetno: na pla¾i sta se sreČala smuČarski tekaČ in plavalec. Ta nenavaden dogodek se je zgodil na znameniti pla¾i La Concha v mestu San Sebastian na severu ©panije v bli¾ini meje s Francijo. TekaČ je nekdanji poklicni kolesar Peio Ruiz Cabestany.(RTV SLO) RCSurfer Vcasih je voda premrzla, preumazana, prevelika guzva, valovi premajhni, smo zmatrani, bolni, prehlajeni, ali pa konc koncev sploh ne znamo surfat… zakaj nebi v vodo poslali enga majhnega robotka, ki bi surfal namesto nas. Hmmm…. … lahko bi nardil drop-in komurkoli in se smejal iz plaze, za wipeout bi nas bolil k… ker bi sedeli lepo na plazi in z daljincem usmerjali malega surferja…OK. Kolk vas zdej misli, da nakladam? In kolk vas zdaj misli, kera glupa ideja? Hehe –> RCSurfer New Zealand Tisti, ki se niste obupali si sedaj lahko pogledate goro slik iz surfanja in drugih stvari po Novi Zelandiji. Foto by Toti&co. RipCurl Elasto in to… Rip Curl-ovi wetsuiti, cevlcki, rokavice… pa torbe in to, ugodno. Ce koga zanimajo (novi) Rip Curl-ovi wetsuiti, cevlcki, rokavice… pa tud kakšni bagi za surfe in za potovanja, surf cunje, bunde (Bbong, Rusty…)… cez kak mesec jih lahko zrihtam po ugodni ceni. Email:


– Rip Curl Ultimate Elasto(I) 3/2 (brez zadrge) velikost M star hmm…3 leta? na isti mail Portugal Spremenili in podaljsali smo datum za Portugalsko! Dema fins Karbonski fini po ugodnih cenah iz Pule. Demian zaganja lastno proizvodnjo ultra lahkih surfaskih artiklov. Vec na in TU. Na ogled so trenutno samo windsurf fini, a kalupi za surf fine so pripravljeni. Occy Mark Occhilupo gre v penzijo. Australian surfers have the talent, but not enough burning hunger to reclaim the world title, retiring tour professional Mark Occhilupo said yesterday. After a world tour career spanning 22 years, and as Australia’s most recent world champion, few are more qualified to comment on Australia’s lack of title success in recent years. Occhilupo, 38, said although Australia boasted tremendous surfing talent, current hopefuls lacked the necessary desire to wrest the title from American three-time world champion Andy Irons.

Despite its great depth in numbers on the men’s World Championship Tour, the Australians have won only one title in the past 13 years as American great Kelly Slater also dominated. Isn’t it crazy that we haven’t had a world champion since 1999? said Occhilupo, who yesterday confirmed he would quit professional surfing at the end of the 2005 World Championship Tour. I think there are heaps of (Australian) guys that can win. Joel Parkinson is a great one, Taj Burrow, Luke Egan, Mick Fanning – they are all up there.

(But) I think one of the biggest things is they are not hungry enough. It takes such a committed year to win the world title. Occhilupo said he wanted to spend his final season encouraging and helping those countrymen on the brink of breaking through. I am stoked to be able to help these guys. I want to egg them on, he said. I want to talk to these guys, so that they know it is possible to win.

Australian surfers looking for inspiration need look no further than elder statesman Occhilupo, who became the oldest world champion at 33 when he claimed the 1999 crown and who well understands the challenges presented by the tour. He was a precocious, but talented 15-year-old when he joined the world tour in 1983. Within two years, he’d rocketed to third in the rankings. But by 1987, a tired and disillusioned Occhilupo quit the sport.

I want to talk to these guys, so that they know it is possible to win. Much has been made of his lost years – when the Sydney-born surfer languished in front of the television eating junk food – before he resurrected his career in 1995 and reached the pinnacle four years later.

I’ve done all the things from when I was a grommet that I’ve wanted to do. That’s why I’m calling 2005 my last year, said Occhilupo, who notched up a total of 21 championship event victories. But today is still a sad day for me. This morning, I went out surfing and I got a bit emotional and teary thinking about how I am going to miss it.

– AAP SURF KEMP 2005 / PORTUGALSKA Gor je nova stran za ©olo deskanja v Franciji. Poglej TU

Gor je tudi naslednji srfari – prvomajska Portugalska, vec TU Jugo Jutri zjutraj lahko najbolj vrocekrvni ujamete kaksen val v Medulinu. Voda pri nas ima osvezujocih 6 stopinj, na obalah Istre pa celo kaksno stopinjo vec. Danes imam rojstni dan Danes je Ujusansa SK dopolnil 5 let. Da se ne pozabi Jutri, v petek ob 20:00 v Baileys Pub. V maski. Stormrider Ce je komu mogoce usla novica – ze pred nekaj casa je izsla druga knjiga (od treh) World Stormriders surf guide. Blue Juice Danes ob 00:15 bo na POP TV Blue Juice ali po nase Ljubezen na valovih. Igrajo: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ewan McGregor, Sean Pertwee&Steven Mackintosh. USK logo Ujusansa isce nov logo. Kdor je voljan pomagati… …naj nam poslje svojo verzijo, stvaritev, umetniski izliv. Najboljse v vektorski obliki (format Illustrator ali Corel…), v sili tudi scan lista papirja. Najbrz ni treba povdarjati, da naj bo logo povezan s surfanjem, valovi, deskami, surferji.

Na naslov: Surf&Work USA Za 2 surferja lahko Miha urebi delo in bivanje v San Clementeju v Kaliforniji za 4 mesece. Miha lahko zrihta enemu ali dvema ¹tudentoma, imetnikoma delovne vize, delo v San Clementeju 50 metrov od obale, vse zrihtano: od 10ih do 18ih dela¹, prej in potem surfa¹, vsak dan, 3-4 mesece, maj do september.

lokacija: san clemente (30,000 preb), CA (med San Diegom in Los Angelesom)

Čas: sredina maja/junija do sredi septembra, flexibilno

plaČilo: 7 usd ali veČ na uro

prebivali¹Če: mo¾nost spanja na ¹efovi barki!, lahko si uredi¹ sam.



mobi: 041 377 173

Sumo surfing Če ¹e niste videli novega oglasa za seat toledo – Sumo surfing 20 feet Pred dvemi dnevi so bombe zadele Portugalsko Na sreČo je bil tam Tiago Pires s francosko Bbong tow-in bando in so lahko naredili tole -> CLIKC Surf PARTY maskerada V petek, 11.2. bo v Baileys Pubu surf party maskerada, za vse, ki bodo zamudili pust, za rojstni dan od Ujusanse, za predstavitev surf kempa 05 in zakaj pa ne… udelezba obvezna. Za vse ljubitelje tubic Konec poletja je Kelly Slater obiskal Italijo kjer so posneli tale film film Konec poletja ,ko je potekalo tekmovanje WTC 2004 v Hoossegorju je zaradi slabih vremenskih razmer Kelly Slater obiskal italijo kjer naj bi posneli nekaj posnetkov za nov film Drive thru Europe,tukaj je nekaj kar so posneli film film North Shore Tow-in Trenutno poteka prvenstvo v tow-in surfanju na severni obali Oahuja. EVENT PLAN AND BACKGROUND

Tow-In Surfing has been developing since the early 1990’s. With the advent of gravity-defying foot-straps fiber glassed onto a streamlined tow-in surfboard and the combination of a tow-rope and a modern PWC (Personal Water Craft, Thrill-Craft or Jet-Ski) to pull the tow-in surfers into very large waves (after which they let go of the rope and surf the waves alone)… huge surf has been tackled on a regular basis. Tow-In Surfing has allowed surfers to catch waves on outer reefs that most times would be too big to paddle in to. The 1st Tow-In Surf contests were held at Jaws (Peahi) on Maui. In 2000, there was no prize money for the Jaws contest. In 2001, at the Tow-In World Cup, there was a prize purse of $100,000 with $70,000 going to tow-in team-mates Rodrigo Resende and Garrett McNamara. At last year’s (2003-2004) Tow-In World Cup at Jaws, the winning team would have taken home $100,000. Garrett McNamara already won $10,000 with his tow partner in last year’s Jaws Tow-In World Cup Expression Session in early January 2003, which was held when the waves at Jaws were quite large but still not surpassing the required 20 foot minimum. The real Jaws Tow-In World Cup Event did not take place in 2003-2004. The waves did not get big enough. It is still on hold for the coming Winter Surf Season (2004-2005). Check http://www.TowSurfer.Com for details on the latest Hawaiian Tow-In Surf Events and other similar Tow-In Surf Events cropping up world-wide!


will be held during the WINTER SURF SEASON of 2004-2005… Holding Period from 12-31-04 until 3-31-05 (Permit to be renewed every two weeks throughout the holding period until the event takes place)… One Day Only… 25 foot minimum… 40 foot maximum… Hawaiian Style… at Outside Haleiwa / Avalanche And/Or MOBILE principally on the West Side Of Waimea Bay… Principal Alternate Spots for this Event include Outside Puaena Point… Outside Himalayas… Outside Alligators (and Possibly Outside Log Cabins Cloud Break, which is just East of Waimea Bay). The West of Waimea tow-in surf teams hope to show how it is done in their own backyard! Participants will probably also include tow-in surf teams from Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Brazil, California, Australia, South Africa, Peru, France and other parts of the world where tow-in surfing has shown increasing popularity lately!

VeČ… Foto: Medulin En ponedeljek konec lanskega leta se mi zdi, poltem ko je veter ugasnil.Foto Snowthrill Q Vsi, ki ne veste kam bi se Čez zimo dali, tole je vredno ogleda. >>> Ko ugrizne Hov hov Tudi letos meduze v Jadranu Za vse tiste, ki se spomnijo avgustovskega srfanja v Medulinu, letos ne bodo prikrajsani za opekline po nogah in rokah. Kot napovedujejo strokovnjaki okoljskih agencij za okolje iz sosednje Italije ter raziskovalci iz Morske Bioloske postaje Piran ,ugotavljajo da so v Severnem Jadranu se vedno prisotne meduze (pelagia noctiluca) ,ki povzrocajo opekline.Same meduze so velike od 4cm in zrastejo tudi do premera 10cm.Znacilna je njihova rdeckasto-rjava barva,ter seveda njihove opekline.Ker je koncentracija meduz zelo velika se bojijo ,da jih bo ostalo veliko tudi do poletja ,ko pricne kopalna sezona. Surf-tel Surferji imajo svoj telekom. Tsunami v Srbiji Click Kaj narediti? Ker surferji vedno vse obrnemo po svoje se zadnje Čase pojavlja vprašanje, kaj storiti, Če surfamo in pride tsunami? What would happen to a boat anchored in any reef on the Mentawais if an earthquake like the one on Sunday hits again?


If a surfer were in a normal lineup position and observed the rapid recession of water that precedes the arrival of the tsunami wave, and given that the extreme length of the wave would not cause it to break way, way outside, would it be safer to paddle for shore and run, or would it be better to paddle OUT as fast as possible? Tks, this issue has been the source of considerable discussion today…

USC Tsunami expert and surfer Jose Borrero takes it on the head:


Ok, the answer: what happens to the boat in the earthquake or with the tsunami wave?

I have only read accounts of ships at sea that were sailing over a region when an earthquake goes off. The captains reported that they felt as if the ship had hit rocks even though they were in many hundreds (or thousands) of feet of water. They also reported a violent shaking or a booming. The reason is that some of the energy radiated from the earthquake are in the form of compression waves, kind of like sound waves (look in your old high school science textbooks). The compression waves hit the bottom of the boat and bounce off, causing the abrupt shaking.

Now say you are far from the earthquake, but a tsunami was generated and you are hit by the tsunami waves while at anchor. The result is that the boat will be at the mercy of the currents and the rise and fall of the sea level. The boat may hit bottom and be left high and dry, or be floated up until the limit of the anchor chain is reached. If strong currents and waves come, the boat will basically be at the mercy of the rising an falling sea level.

The safest place for a ship during a tsunami is in deep water, the deeper the better — 150 ft of water should be sufficient.


Yeah, you know I’ve thought about that a lot. I mean a lot. There are a bunch of surf spots (many I’ve surfed) that are in tsunami prone areas.

Anyone remember what happened at g-land in June of 1994? An earthquake, which went off south of Java, generated a tsunami which swept through the camp and washed all the sleeping surfers deep into the jungle (it happened at night). The people in the village nearby were not so lucky, some 200 were killed as a result of the tsunami.

Other places where we surf and there is a good likelihood of tsunamis?

Mainland Mexico — the 1985 earthquake that wiped out Mexico City, also had a tsunami. The quake originated offshore of Mexico near Caleta de Campos, which is near a really good left hand point break which I won’t dare mention here.

Nicaragua — September 1992, the town in front of JJ’s surfcamp at Popoyo was totally wiped out and some 300 Nicaraguans were killed (BTW, it’s totally rebuilt now and filled with houses again, tsunami bait for the next one…)

Peru — has a 500-year history of tsunamis from Arica to the border with Ecuador. Pisco has been WIPED OUT by tsunamis at least 4 times in the last 500 years.

Chile — site of the biggest earthquake and tsunami besides the one that happened last week

Nor-Cal — the Cascadia subduction zone runs from Mendocino to British

Columbia, it can make earthquakes and tsunamis BIGGER than what happened in Sumatra!

So what would you do??????

You’re out surfing, the waves are good, the sun is shining then BOOOOOOOM a rumble comes from distance you see dust rising from the land as the palm trees are shaking violently back and forth, the sea around you erupts in white foamy shock-waves. After a minute or so it’s over, deadly silent. The waves suddenly aren’t breaking so good, there are weird currents and surges. What do you do?

Ok, here’s what I’d do. If I’m at a beachbreak, close to shore, and there are some nice hills on land, I’d paddle like hell for the beach, fire up the my truck and drive up the hill (or run!) You may have a few minutes before the tsunami hits with a vengeance. If I’m on a deepwater reef or a big pointbreak or an outer reef, I’d probably paddle for the horizon. If I tried to go into shore and the current wouldn’t let me in, I’d turn around and paddle for the horizon — at least you have a flotation device!

Many people are killed by tsunamis when they are hit by floating debris or smashed into buildings or walls. If you are far enough offshore, there is nothing being tossed around that can kill you. Also if you are a good surfer, you can (hopefully) handle yourself in heavy water, and you definitely have a better chance than some random tourist on the beach. But if you paddle for the horizon, remember you better wait a while — like a few hours — before trying to get back in. Tsunamis can last for a while.

There are some good lessons to be learned by survivors of past tsunamis. The USGS has put out a great pamphlet called Surviving a Tsunami: Lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and Japan you can down load it here. Check out page 14, Climb on to something that floats!

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