Stare novice iz leta 2004

Stare novice iz leta 2004
January 5, 2005 Ujusansa Surf Klub

Stare novice iz leta 2004. Malo pome&#353an izgled in oblika, vrstni red pa je ok.

SRE&#268NO 2005 Vsem slovenskim deskarjem na valovih &#382elimo sre&#268no 2005. "Darilo:

Dude, where’s my boad?" Tsunami Nekaj dejstev o tsunamijih "SOME KEY FACTS ABOUT TSUNAMIS

Tsunami is a Japanese word that translates as ""harbour wave"". Often a tsunami is incorrectly referred to as a tidal wave, which, strictly speaking, describes the periodic movement of water associated with the rise and fall of the tides.

Oceanographers call tsunamis seismic seawaves because they are usually caused by a sudden rise or fall of part of the earth’s crust under or near the ocean. Less powerful tsunami waves can also be triggered by volcanic activity. They are most common in the Pacific Ocean.

A tsunami is not a single wave, but a series of waves that can travel across the ocean at speeds of more than 800 km (500 miles) an hour. In the deep ocean, hundreds of miles (km) can separate wave crests; many people have lost their lives during tsunamis after returning home thinking the waves had stopped.

As the tsunami enters the shallows of coastlines in its path, its velocity slows but its height increases. A tsunami that is just a few centimetres or metres high from trough to crest can rear up to heights of 30 to 50 metres as it hits the shore, striking with devastating force.

For those on shore there is little warning of a tsunami’s approach. The first indication is often a sharp swell, not unlike an ordinary storm swell.

In 1883, a tsunami following the eruption of Krakatoa volcano between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra killed 36,000. The tsunami’s passage was traced as far away as Panama.

In July 1998, two undersea quakes measuring 7.0 created three tsunamis that killed at least 2,100 near the town of Aitape on the north coast of Papua New Guinea. Villagers said the massive walls of water, which washed two kilometres (1.2 miles) inland, sounded like a jet fighter landing." Mad Shark "Kaj se dogaja pod vodo? PLAY!" Jugo in to… """olujni jugo""" HO HO HO Upamo, da ste pre&#382iveli vesel bo&#382i&#268 in vam &#382elimo sre&#268no novo leto. Jugo Bo¾i&#268ek je kupil vse purane in prinesel tudi jugo za ta vikend. Pa se to: kdor je imel prej geslo za vnasanje novic in kdor bi rad imel geslo za vnasanje novic naj poslje email na klemen@ujusansasurfklub , ker bo¾i&#268ek je vsa stara gesla odnesel bolj pridnim otrokom. Test Kot ste videli nas je obiskal bo¾i&#268ek in prinesel darila. Ali vse dela? HO HO HO HO HO Pipeline Its all about the money Rezultati:

1st Jamie O’Brien (HAW) 17.97 – US$30,000

2nd Sunny Garcia (HAW) 13.64 – US$16,000

3rd Kalani Robb (HAW) 11.33 – US$11,000

4th Bruce Irons (HAW) 10.37 – US$9,000 Pipeline OUT, Waimea IN Ker so uleteli 12m valovi so Pipeline masters prekinili, zato pa se je odvil Quiksilver in memory of Eddie Aikau big wave invitational na Waimei. "Bruce Irons Wins Quiksilver Eddie


Kauai’s Bruce Irons Rides Largest Waves of His Life for Historic Quiksilver Eddie Win

Honolulu, HAWAII (December 15, 2004) – Twenty-five year-old Kauai surfer Bruce Irons made his way out of the shadow of world champion brother Andy today, by winning surfing’s most prestigious big wave event, the Quiksilver In Memory Of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational at Waimea Bay, Hawaii.

The younger of the famous Irons brothers, Bruce pushed the limits way beyond his wildest childhood dreams, tackling waves that exceeded 40 feet (12m) in height to finish first in a field of 24 world class big wave riders, including his brother. His victory, in the 20th anniversary Quiksilver Eddie, gave rise to the most satisfying and meaningful of his career to date, also earning him US$55,000. He became only the seventh surfer to win the event as it can only run when the surf hits a consistent minimum of 20 feet.

""This is greater than I could ever have imagined,"" said Irons. ""It’s every bit as big as it looked in all the videos and pictures I saw growing up. To ride the biggest waves of my life, to win a contest in the name of Eddie Aikau, a hero we’ve all grown up with, I don’t know. I just don’t know what to say.""

The morning offered the most perfect conditions Waimea is capable of delivering; glassy-smooth waves that pulsed consistently in the range of 25 to 40 feet (8-12m). By afternoon, all that had changed was a slight decrease in swell size to 20 to 25 feet. The wave of the day, Bruce’s perfect 100, started out with a critical take-off on a massive 35-foot wave, followed by several arcing turns, and ending on the heaving inside shore-break with a bone-crunching, close-out tube ride with arms held high.

""At first I was thinking oh, oh, oh no, but then I just went, no way, I’m going for it,"" said Irons. The crowd on the beach was calling out for Bruce to back-off, but erupted into cheers and whistles as he flung his arms high and tackled the 12-foot close out barrel like a head-on car crash.

Only the day was bigger than Irons’ performance. A record crowd in excess of 20,000 overflowed the famous sands of Waimea Bay, lining roadsides, hillsides, and bringing traffic on the north shore of Oahu to a standstill for most of the day. The spectacle: the world’s best big wave riders hurtling down mountains of Pacific blue under cloudless skies. To top off the day, Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight announced an on-the-spot prize-money increase of 40 per cent, taking the total to US$122,000.

The format for the event was two rounds of four one-hour heats, six surfers in each heat. Each surfer could ride a maximum four waves in each round, and at the end of the day, their best four waves were totaled – the highest scorer deemed the winner. Counting a perfect 100-point ride in his total, Bruce scored 370 points out of a possible 400. His other three rides came in at 99, 88, and 83 points.

Behind Irons, former event champion Ross Clarke-Jones of Australia placed second (338 points, US$12,000), ""It’s always disappointing to lose, but Bruce thoroughly deserved the win today. He scored a perfect score of 100 and a loss would have been very tough for him,"" Clarke-Jones said.

Big Island’s Shane Dorian (Haw) was third (331 points, US$7,000), Andy Irons was fourth (329 points, US$5,000), Northern California’s Peter Mel was fifth (327 points, US$4,000), and defending event champion Kelly Slater (Florida) was sixth (291 points, US$3,000). All surfers placed seventh through 24th received US$2,000 each.

Peter Mel put in a brilliant performance to place fifth after flying in from northern California just two days ago. Known for both his paddle-in and tow-in big wave exploits, Mel claimed that there’s nothing more skillful and difficult than tackling a huge ocean under man-power alone.

""Tow-in is a cakewalk in comparison,"" said Mel. ""Taking the drop using your own two arms is by far way gnarlier. The hairiest moment is when you first see that wave coming, having to sit in the spot and wanting so hard to run to the channel. It’s definitely about mental strength.

""But more than anything, an event like this is all about sharing the moment and seeing everyone push themselves further than they thought they could. When I saw Andy go on a huge wave in our heat, I remembered it. Just to see him nail a late drop and make it, then kick out with a big grin on his face… I remembered that. It’s what this is all about.""

There were two representatives in today’s competition from the Aikau family – 51-year-old Clyde Aikau, Eddie’
s youngest brother, and 32-year-old nephew Zane Aikau, showing just how much of a tradition and culture big wave riding is to this pure-blooded Hawaiian family.

""This event honors my brother and from a family perspective it’s really humbling to think that all these people came out to honor him,"" said Clyde. ""Guaranteed, I think Eddie’s up there smiling – 20 to 30 years later, people still know who he is. He was a real humble guy himself and I know he’s up there saying ‘good job guys’.""

Eddie Aikau was the North Shore of Oahu’s first lifeguard, watching over the Bay when he wasn’t charging the biggest waves of the winter. Tragically, he lost his life in 1978, at the age of 33, during a re-creation of the Polynesian voyage between Hawaii and Tahiti. In huge seas, the voyaging canoe Hokule’a was capsized. Eddie paddled off in an attempt to reach help for his fellow crewmen. While he was never physically seen again, his spirit has lived on to touch the lives of many – surfers, big wave riders, and those who simply appreciate the ocean.

Complete Results: 1. Bruce Irons (Haw) 370; 2. Ross Clarke-Jones (Aus) 338; 3. Shane Dorian (Haw) 331; 4. Andy Irons (Haw) 329; 5. Peter Mel (USA) 327; 6. Kelly Slater (USA) 291; 7. Michael Ho (Haw) 264; 8. Titus Kinimaka (Haw) 262; 9. Noah Johnson (Haw) 258; 10. Paul Paterson (Aus) 255; 11. Rusty Keaulana (Haw) 252; 12. Jamie Sterling (Haw) 250; 13. Clyde Aikau (Haw) 249; 14. Myles Padaca (Haw) 236; 15. Tony Moniz (Haw) 234; 16. Pancho Sullivan (Haw) 227; 17. Ross Williams (Haw) 217; 18. Makua Rothman (Haw) 214; 19. Mark Healey (Haw) 214; 20. Tony Ray (Aus) 207; 21. Daryl ""Flea"" Virostko (USA) 194; 22. Brian Keaulana (Haw) 176; 23. Zane Aikau (Haw) 149; 24. John Gomes (Haw) 142." Pipeline Masters Prvi krog je zaklju&#268en "Slater Dominates Opening Round

Tuesday, December 14, 2004 (Pipeline, Hawaii) Six-time world champion Kelly Slater (FL, USA) today dominated round one of the Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters. After four days wait, this year’s final Foster’s ASP World Championship Tournament (WCT) resumed and all 16 non-elimination heats were completed in ideal conditions.

Perfect 6-8 ft (2-2.5m) surf was on offer throughout the day. Massive waves are expected to arrive overnight however, probably forcing another lay-day at Pipeline.

Slater, a five-time Pipeline Master, opened his 2004 campaign with a brilliant 9.33-barrel against local Rip Curl wildcard Pancho Sullivan and Paulo Moura (BRA). The 32-year-old then sealed his commanding victory with a near-perfect 9.77, posting a combined tally of 19.1-points out of 20. With this year’s world title already decided, Slater admitted he’s able to relax and simply enjoy surfing Pipeline.

“It’s funny because most years I need a result at Pipeline, and have had world titles come down to this contest, like last year’s pressure,” began Slater. “But today was fun. I’m out of the race and it’s over, so I went out there without any pressure and just loosened up. It’s one of those perfect sized days. I was amping before my heat, and it kind of felt like a free-surf then. I’m just trying to have fun here and read what’s going on in the water. If I do that things usually seem to go my way.”

Reigning three-time world champion Andy Irons (Kauai, HAW) overcame Cory Lopez (FL, USA) and Rip Curl Code STL Trials winner Mikey Bruneau (HAW). The defending two-times Pipeline Master suffered a slow start, but snuck into an average score to advance directly to round three. Having been invited to contest the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, which may take place tomorrow at nearby Waimea Bay, the Kauaian admitted he’s not expecting much sleep tonight.

“That was a tough heat, but good to get some momentum going in the event,” said Irons. “This year has been amazing, especially since I sowed up the title early and came into Hawaii without all the pressure. I’ve been surfing Pipe everyday and just having fun being here.

“Totally shaken to the core and freaked out about it,” he added, of the ‘Eddie’ possibilities. “I’ve been invited three years but never had to go out yet. I’m excited, but it should be a little hard to sleep tonight. It’ll be a dream come true to sit out at Waimea with only a handful of other guys though.”

Reigning two-time World Qualifying Series (WQS) winner Neco Padaratz posted a solid win over fellow Brazilian Armando Daltro and Australian Danny Wills. Despite being 28th on the WCT ratings, his position for 2005 is already secure and he acknowledged being determined to improve upon past Pipeline performances, with a final 8.77 ride definitely hinting towards this. Meanwhile, third place-getter Wills posted the best single score of the day with a near-perfect 9.87, but failed to support this with another good ride.

“So happy to be back here in Hawaii,” began Padaratz. “I had a lot of support going for the (WQS) title, so it helped take some of the pressure off. I was really stoked to win it again. Now I’m just trying to learn from Kelly and Andy, all those guys here at Pipeline. I’m focused to try and get my level up there also. Everyone dreams about winning the Pipe Masters.”

2000 world champion and current Vans Triple Crown of Surfing leader Sunny Garcia (HAW) furthered his cause over Joel Parkinson (AUS) and Trials runner-up Bruno Santos (BRA). The Hawaiian was instrumental in having the tournament postponed yesterday due to dangerous conditions, and benefited directly with a direct berth into round three today.

“Yesterday was really big and I was surprised they were going to run the contest,” recalled Garcia. “The surfers didn’t want to compete since it was very dangerous, and I’ve spent enough time in the hospital here from surfing Pipeline, so we made a decision and pulled the plug. Now we have perfect surf, so it doesn’t get any better. This is the last event of the year, so it’s real important to have good conditions.

“It’s exciting for me to be part of the chase for this year’s Triple Crown title,” he added. “I don’t remember a time when it was this close at the last event. We’ll see what happens, but I’ll be trying my hardest. If I don’t get it, I hope another Hawaiian does.”

2001 world champion CJ Hobgood (FL, USA) had his wedding ring ripped from his finger following a bad wipeout. Undisturbed, the Floridian answered back with a series of great barrels in the latter half of the heat to defeat Richie Lovett (AUS) and Eric Rebiere (FRA). Lovett also posted a brilliant 9.1 backdoor tube towards the end, but still required another 7.16 score.

“My hand must have scraped the reef and it slipped off,” explained Hobgood. “It’s OK though, as my wife got me a cheap one for that reason (laughs). Luckily I managed to get into rhythm the last half of the heat and find some good waves.”

Current ratings #7 Nathan Hedge (AUS) was forced to withdraw from the Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters after dislocating his shoulder during a free-surf session this morning. Determined as always, he urged organizers to re-schedule his match against Tim Curran (USA) and fellow Australian Beau Emerton to allow more recovery time, but was eventually replaced by Hawaiian Trialist Shane Dorian when it became apparent he could not compete. Curran later claimed the heat, having opened with a near-perfect 9.7 score.

Kalani Robb out-scored Australians Luke Egan and Luke Hitchings. The Hawaiian emerged from a deep Backdoor Barrel to post a 9.33, and combined with another 8.17, shot ahead of both opponents. Currently sitting in 23rd position on the ratings, the Ri
p Curl Pipeline Masters will prove a crucial event for Robb, as well as others on the cusp of re-qualifying for 2005.

“I had a good heat and am stoked,” reasoned Robb. “I’ve definitely been losing sleep about the ratings, I won’t lie about that. But I want to qualify and I’ve been in this spot before with a broken wrist, so it’s not as hard as that right now. I think I’ll do well.”

Brazilian Raoni Monteiro experienced the highs and lows of Pipeline today. Against fellow countryman Peterson Rosa and South African Greg Emslie, he attempted an extremely late drop and ended up free-falling 6ft+ before being smashed by the wave. Trailing his opponents with less than a minute remaining, Monteiro then reversed his fortune with a perfect Backdoor barrel and 8.83-points required.

“I paddled like crazy for that wave, but fell and wiped out,” explained Monteiro. “My first fall at Pipeline, but I really enjoyed surfing out there with only two other guys. When that last wave came, I pulled in and raced through the barrel. It was like a dream.”

Australians Dean Morrison and Mark Occhilupo were another couple of standouts, posting nine plus scores with some incredible barrels. Earlier, fellow Australian Toby Martin won the opening main event heat of the 34th annual Pipeline Masters.

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is made possible through the support of a partnership of the world’s leading brands and media companies including: Ford Trucks, G-Shock, O’Neill, Rip Curl, Surfing Magazine, Surfline, Oahu’s Turtle Bay Resort, The Honolulu Advertiser and Fox Sports Net.

Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters Round One (1st>Rnd3; 2nd, 3rd>Rnd2)

H2: Toby Martin (AUS) 15.17; Darren O’Rafferty (AUS) 14.03; Michael Lowe (AUS) 10.16

H1: Pat O’Connell (USA) 10.46; Jake Paterson (AUS) 9.9; Shane Beschen (USA) 7.84

H3: Raoni Monteiro (BRA) 14.46; Peterson Rosa (BRA) 12.5; Greg Emslie (ZAF) 12.34

H5: Kalani Robb (HAW) 17.5; Luke Egan (AUS) 12.9; Luke Hitchings (AUS) 11.4

H6: C.J. Hobgood (USA) 16.26; Richard Lovett (AUS) 14.6; Eric Rebiere (FRA) 8.57

H7: Lee Winkler (AUS) 15.83; Jamie O’Brien (HAW) 13.7; Taj Burrow (AUS) 8.67

H8: Andy Irons (HAW) 12.83; Mikey Bruneau (HAW) 11.5; Cory Lopez (USA) 10.67

H9: Kelly Slater (USA) 19.1; Pancho Sullivan (HAW) 15.6; Paulo Moura (BRA) 9.4

H10: Sunny Garcia (HAW) 14.5; Joel Parkinson (AUS) 14.33; Bruno Santos (BRA) 12.44

H11: Neco Padaratz (BRA) 16.1; Armando Daltro (BRA) 12.5; Daniel Wills (AUS) 12.2

H12: Nathan Webster (AUS) 12.6; Victor Ribas (BRA) 10.23; Phillip MacDonald (AUS) 5.57

H13: Dean Morrison (AUS) 18.96; Guilherme Herdy (BRA) 16.16; Chris Davidson (AUS) 8.83

H14: Mark Occhilupo (AUS) 15.33; Trent Munro (AUS) 13.26; Marcelo Nunes (BRA) 7.6

H15: Troy Brooks (AUS) 10.57; Tom Whitaker (AUS) 10.33; Bruce Irons (HAW) 1.07

H16: Taylor Knox (USA) 12.83; Michael Campbell (AUS) 4.16; Kieren Perrow (AUS) 3.83

H4: Tim Curran (USA) 16.2; Shane Dorian (HAW) 11.4; Beau Emerton (AUS) 4.3

" Dave Rastovich Intervju z Rasto. "SURFERMAG.COM: How integral is surfing in relation to who you are and how you present yourself? What percentage of surfing and the need to go surfing creates Dave Rastovich?

RASTA: I’d say a hell of a lot of my life incorporates what I experience in surfing. In terms of lessons and attitude and relationships to people and everything. I get so much out of surfing in terms of just being taught, like getting slapped by the wave and letting your ego just get slapped by it. To realize in one moment where you think you’re really killing it, you just killed a wave and your ego gets puffed up, you’ve done a couple amazing turns or whatever, and you’re feeling all good and amazing, you pull off the wave and there’s just a perfect eight-foot wave just rolling straight over your head. Instantly you’re thrashed back into the moment from your ego and daydreaming to having to deal with being on the reef while a wave rolls over your head. Just being on your board and relaxing, ""I have no control over this situation, okay, I have no control,"" and just relaxing into that. Then from those two things you can take that into daily life, to situations when you have no control, like being in a traffic jam. You might be in a traffic jam and you have no control over it, there’s nothing you can do about it and you just have to relax, there’s no point in freaking out, getting all strung out; it’ll pass. Just like the wave passed over your head and you’ll deal with it. Being in that moment right there and dealing with it. You may be on land and you’re in a certain situation where your ego is all puffed up and realizing it’s thoughts in your head, it comes and goes, every thought. So surfing is huge in those kind of lessons, in personality, in respect, just life lessons, basically, and also on a daily basis getting in the water and being cleansed. Not necessarily surfing, but just going into the water every day. Getting the opportunity every day to go down to the ocean and just cleanse, just dive in and feel, really feel how that feels before I go in and after when I come out. Just feel how amazing it feels to go in and do that. I’m sure we all know how it feels after being landlocked for a week, only a week, or longer, but generally it’s about a week, but just to get down into the ocean. Just to have something wash over you, just wash everything away. So that’s a huge part of my life. Huge. Every day and generally first thing in the morning.

Cel intervju preberite na Surfermag" Boat trip v torek? V ponedeljek se obeta mo&#268an jugo. V torek Draco vabi na boat-trip do novih spotov. Interesenti se pofo&#268kajte spodaj. Intel longboards? "Prva surf deska z vdelanim ra&#268unalnikom in povezavo z internetom>>>" Riding Giants "Tudi v Sloveniji se najde novica >>>" Recovery V soboto zve&#268er ob 20:00 bo v Orto baru v Ljubljani premiera novega slovenskega snowboard muvija od easyridersov – RECOVERY. Vabljeni! RedBull Giants of Rio Tudi Slovenci v boju za naslov Velikanov Ria "Na najve&#268jem outdoor &#353tafetnem tekmovanju bodo na&#353o dr&#382avo zastopali Roman Kej&#382ar, Jure Robi&#268, Luka Turk in Franc Peternel. Prenos v &#382ivo preko interneta! Rio de Janeiro ponuja prav vse, kar tako veliko tekmovanje zahteva. Morje, pe&#353&#268ene pla&#382e, urbana in prava d&#382ungla, visoko hribovje v okolici. &#352tiri discipline, &#353tirje &#353portniki v ekipi in boj do zadnjega diha. Vsi za enega, eden za vse! Plavanje v Atlantiku, kolesarjenje po urbani in pravi d&#382ungli, hitrostno letenje z zmajem okoli Jezusovega kipa ter tek po pe&#353&#268enih pla&#382ah Copacabana in Ipanema. To so izzivi, s katerimi se bo 5. decembra spopadlo okoli 80 ekip s celega sveta. Prvi bodo svoje mo&#268i in izku&#353nje pomerili plavalci. Preplavati bodo morali le dobre 3 kilometre, a da jim to ne bo prelahko, bodo poskrbeli veliki valovi, ki se lomijo na pe&#353&#268ene pla&#382e ter skalnati rt, ki ga bodo morali premagati s plezanjem po vrvi in na drugi strani sko&#268iti z nekajmetrske pe&#268ine nazaj v vodo. Sledil bo kolesarski obra&#268un. Prvih nekaj kilometrov bodo tekmovalci pedala poganjali po ozkih mestnih ulicah in se po vzponu &#268ez kar nekaj stopni&#353&#268 zna&#353li na d&#382ungelskih »singeltrackih«, kjer bo sledilo tudi nekaj vratolomnih spustov in po skupaj prevrtenih 40 kilometrih, cilj, visoko nad Riom. Tedaj se bodo v zrak pognali zmajarji. Kar dobro bodo morali zajeti zrak, da jih bo odneslo okoli Jezusovega kipa in nato vse do ene od pe&#353&#268enih pla&#382, kjer jih bodo nestrpno &#268akali &#353e teka&#268i. Ti se bodo pognali po pla&#382i, zavili v mesto, obkro&#382ili jezero in se po ulicah vrnili na pe&#353&#268eno pla&#382o, kjer bo po skupaj 15 kilometrih teka tudi kon&#268ni cilj tekmovanja.
In najve&#268ji med velikani bodo znani … Upajmo, da tudi slovenski!

Nagradni sklad tekmovanja bo &#353tel 50.000$, razdeljen pa bo med prvih deset ekip. Najbolj&#353i bodo domov odnesli 12.000$, desetouvr&#353&#268eni pa 1000$. Posebej bodo nagrajeni tudi najbolj&#353i posamezniki v vsaki disciplini.

Za Slovenijo se bodo po vrstnem redu borili:

Luka Turk

Najmlaj&#353i &#268lan slovenske ekipe je 18 letni Luka (9.09.1986) iz Radovljice. Obiskuje Srednjo zdravstveno &#353olo, njegovi hobiji so igranje ko&#353arke in biljarda, najljub&#353a glasba pa rap. Plavanje trenira 12 let, na teden pa mu to vzame pribli&#382no 25 h. Najvidnej&#353i rezultati: mladinsko evropsko prvenstvo, Lizbona 2004-7.mesto na 400 m, Mep St. Affrique 2004-6.mesto na 5 km, dr&#382avni prvak na 1500 m prosto.

Jure Robi&#268

V d&#382unglo bo kolesaril Jure Robi&#268 (10.04.1965). Zaposlen je v slovenski vojski, za hobije mu je dan prekratek, rad pa prisluhne Rock ‘n Roll-u in Heavy Metalu: Metallica, Aerosmith,Guns’n’ Roses. Nekaj njegovih dose&#382kov: Crocodile Thropy 2002–2. mesto, Silberreiher Trophy 2003-1. mesto, RAAM 2003–2. mesto (novinec leta), KraftWerk Trophy Theiß 2004-1 mesto, RAAM 2004 –1. mesto, svetovni rekord v 24-urnem kronometru.

Franc Peternel

Franci-slovenski Ikarus- (5.01.1958) se z zmajarstvom ukvarja 18 let in je tudi ve&#268kratni dr&#382avni prvak. Sam pravi, da na leto preleti od 80 do 100 ur. Trenerja nima. V prostem &#268asu rad strelja. Njegova &#382ivljenjska filozofija je: Kar dela&#353 – delaj dobro.

Roman Kej&#382ar

S peskom se bo spopadel na&#353 najbolj&#353i maratonec, ki se s tekom tekmovalno ukvarja 15 let. Obi&#268ajno trenira dvakrat na dan po 1-2 h. Svoja najbolj&#353a dose&#382ka je pritekel v Torinu leta 2000 (&#268as 2.11.50 – maraton) in v Ferrari, kjer je za mali maraton potreboval 1.02.49. Najbolj ceni vzdr&#382ljivostne &#353porte in &#353portnike, s &#268imer se sklada tudi njegova &#382ivljenjska filozofija: Vredno je vztrajati in se truditi.

Direkten internetni prenos tekmovanja bo na sporedu 5. decembra od 17h po na&#353em &#268asu." Saj ni res pa je… "Palin in Safari." Seka Najbolj vroca tema te dni je nov spot pred Medulinom… "

Photo: Draco

Ob naslednjih valovih lahko draco zorganizira tudi ladjico do spota. Prostora je za 5-10 oseb. Javite se mu na ali meni na pa se zmenimo skupaj. Cena najema colnicka je 100EUR." Akcija/Reakcija "Jugo/Medulin. Foto 1, 2 (na" Medulin II "Slike iz vcerajsnjega medulina….sreda eksn" Medulin "Slike iz vcerajsnjega medulina lohko pogledate na" Brki v petek "Slike." Izdelava desk by Jernej Treba je zasluzit za srfanje� sam bi najraje to naredil s sejpanjem (izdelavo desk). Po dogovoru izdelam custom made srf (original blank, epoxy) glede na tvoje telo (teza, visina), znanje srfanja� Treba je zasluzit za srfanje � sam bi najraje to naredil s sejpanjem (izdelavo desk). Po dogovoru izdelam custom made srf (original blank, epoxy) glede na tvoje telo (teza, visina), znanje srfanja�

Za 400 evrov dobis se leash in fine. Grafika po tvoji zelji. Narocila zbiram do konca oktobra na e-naslov:, tel.: (031) 217 527, (01) 5199 565. Ob narocilu obvezno osebno srecanje in polog (visina po dogovoru). Rok izdelave: najkasneje do konca letosnjega leta. Aloha… Ni se konec "Po zuru in surfanju v Istri spet malo slik iz Francije. FOTO" Val v Sloveniji "Ce ima kdo potrebna sredstva naj se oglasi na: Vec informacija pa tukaj" YO! Se enkrat, da ne pozabite:

Baileys Pub,

15. oktober,

ob 21:00,

imej brke – prave, nalepljene, narisane! Spet slike… "Slike." Slike n-tic "Na sreco zadnje case slik nikoli ne zmanjka. SLIKE. Foto: Marko Rebec" Portugues "Surfari na Portugalsko bo od 27.10. do 7.11. Ve >>>" SLOVAR :laughing:

O desengate do surf a Portugal começará em 27o outubro.

Kje je plaza? – Onde está a praia?

Kje je surf spot? – Onde é o surf ponto?

Kje se gre najboljse v vodo? – Onde está o mais melhor lugar para entrar na água?

Kje je shaper, zlomil sem dilo? – Onde está o reparation do surfboard, eu quebrei minha vara.

Drek. – Merda.

Eno pivo prosim! – Uma cerveja por favor!

Se eno pivo prosim! – Uma outra cerveja por favor!!!

Ali imate kaj mocnejsega? – Você tem algo mais forte?

Slabo mi je… – Eu sinto doente…

Nic se ne spomnim… – Eu não posso recordar qualquer coisa…

Hope this helps 🙂 😉 Jugo? "Obeta se JZ veter, ali bo dovolj za medulin… >>>" Masa za Roka V torek, 12. oktobra ob 7 uri zvecer bo v Ljubljani pri Franciskanih masa za Roka. Vabljeni vsi Rokovi prijatelji! SURF PARTY Kar vsi ze nestrpno pricakujete se bo zgodilo v petek 15.10.04 v Baileys Pubu (tam kot ponavadi). Vabljeni seveda vsi letosnji novopeceni surferji, vsi lanski, predlanski…in vse vase boljse in slabse polovice, kolegi, znanci in sorodniki. Surf kemp francija zabava se bo zacela ob 21:00, vec info pa se sledi. Stay tuned… Photos "Se nekaj slik iz II skupine. Foto: Goran Dodig – Slike" BIC Surfboards Tisti, ki ste narocili surfe, boradbage… poklicite, stvari so prispele. Links Popravljeni so linki pod surfcheck. Vse dela samo pravi veter cakamo. Slike "Slike iz VI. skupine 30/8-13/9/04 na strani Robija Poto&#268nika." Anglet Aljaz isce sopotnike (avto) za Francijo od 21.9 do 3.10. Poklicete ga lahko na 041 437 403. Gregi je napisal nov newstler. Tube "Se en filmcek – Tubes(1.5Mb). Surfer: Craig Spot: Balangan." Valovi "Na strani hrvaskega hidro meteoroloskega zavoda lahko spremljate napoved za valove na Jadranu za 4 dni naprej – valovi." Craig "Craig is a good friend of mine. He does this kind of thing in Balangan all the time. On a normal day he comes out 7 out of 10. They call him Barrel King. Tube 1.8Mb" Slike… "…ne ze spet.

V skupina" Windsurf sola "Na si lahko ogledate stran nasih prijateljev iz Pule, ki vas v kampu Kazela cakajo s svojo windsurf solo. " Zima na Voglu Ce koga zanima ucenje smucanja ali bordanja to zimo na Voglu naj se oglasi na Surf kemp slike "Slike III skupina

Slike IV skupina" Val v Istri "V casopisu Istra Danas so se po zaslugi Dragana znasli tudi Igor, Grega in Sasa. Clanek si lahko ogledate na strani Tsunami windsurf sole >>>" Dalec stran… "Mare, Ursa in Tine so se vrnili iz Balija, na nas naslov pa je samoa poslal se zadnji Tinetov val.

Nedavni tajfun, ki je na Taiwanu veselo namocil tudi Davida, je do obal Japonske poslal kar 10ft visoke valove. Po zaslugi indo-japan naveze si jih lahko ogledate v galeriji." Newstler Imamo nov newstler, hvala Javor. Slike… "Se nekaj slik in filmckov. Klik!" Spet slike… "Anglet 04 Foto: Simon Pukl" SURF KEMP SLIKE!!! "Ogledate si lahko slike iz prvih treh skupin. KLIK" Bali wipeout "Se en film z Balija:

wipeout" Istra akcija "Slike…

Marlera 18.8.04

Barbariga RT 21.8.04" Bali akcija "Filmcki trenutne slovenske populacije na Baliju/Indo:

Sam I.

Sam II.

Mare I.

Mare II.




Dog" SLIKE "Kustosi so zdruzili moci in predstavljamo novo galerijo v sodelovanju z Easyriders snowboard klubom. Vse avtomatik in tko. Tlele! + V novi galeriji so tudi slikce it Fuerteventure in Karibov, ki so men se zdi nove." Sreda 18.8. Zacnite pakirati, odhod je v sredo 18.8. ob 12h izpr
ed Hale Tivoli (avtobus Weber). SPREMEMBA CASA ODHODA! Od 6.avgusta (vkljucno), bo cas odhoda izpred Hale Tivoli ob 12:00. To pomeni, da bo prihod v Anglet ob 10:00 in odhod domov ob 19:00. LP iz Francije.

Navodila "Pred odhodom si preberite Kratka navodila za prijetno bivanje v Ujusansa soli deskanja na valovih TUKAJ!" "Slike odhoda u iteljev" "Nekaj slik odhoda u iteljev, ki bodo u ili leto&#353nje te ajnike v FR. Slike so tukaj! Klik!" Surf Kemp 04 Eko, prva skupina se pocasi odpravlja domov, v ljubljani pa ze pakirajo njihovi nasledniki. Kaj pravijo po skoraj dveh tednih mokrega, modrega in slanega?

Pridemo spet! Kdaj se lahkop prijavim za naslednje leto? 🙂

Vsi ostali, ki se doma cakate, brez skrbi, valov je se dosti! odhodi Zbor in odhod je na dan odhoda, izpred Hale Tivoli v Ljubljani ob 11:00.

Termini "Ker se ""zrihti internet clovek"" v nasem klubu pocasi odpravljam v Francijo od sedaj naprej ne bo vec obnavljanja stevila prostih mest, ampak so napisani samo prosti termini. Za vec info pa 041 877 057 (Andraz)." BIC surfboards Ce malo nad to novico kliknete na sliko bic surfboards izveste vse kako in kaj. PA SE TO:

Dilco se vam splaca narocit dokler smo v Franciji, ker BIC izdelujejo v Franciji in bo tako postnina manjsa – samo do kempa, iz Francije pa vam desko pripeljemo zastonj. Khm "Za igorja, roka in podobneclick" SLIKEEEE!! "Iz Hawaii Partyja seveda, iz kje pa. CLICK" Termini zasedenost terminov Stevilo prostih mest:

01.07.2004 – 15.07.2004: 5

30.08.2004 – 13.09.2004: 10

11.09.2004 – 25.09.2004: 13 NOVO – SURFI Pri Ujusansa surf klubu lahko od sedaj naprej kupite srfe. Za&#268eli smo uva&#382ati BIC surfe, ki se nam zdijo zelo primerni za vse, ki bi se radi nau&#268ili srfati &#353e bolje pa nimate svoje deske. Prednosti BIC srfov napram poliesterskim costom made srfom so v ceni (garantirano najcenej&#353i), trpe&#382nosti (prakti&#268no brez dingov) in zadostnem volumnu. Poleg srfov lahko kupite tudi li&#353e in srf torbe.

Ve&#268 o srfih si lahko preberete na

Cenik srfov:

ACS tehnologija

Shortboard 6’7” 249eur (59.900 sit)

Mini Malibu 7’3” 289eur (69.900 sit)

Natural 7’9” 289eur (69.900 sit)

Magnum 8’4” 329eur (79.900 sit)

Cts tehnologija

Evolution 6’10” 329eur (79.900 sit)

Performer 7’6” 394eur (94.900 sit)

Classic longboard 9’0” 419eur (99.900 sit)

Nose rider 10’0 499eur (119.900 sit)


li&#353 6′ ali 7′ 20eur (4800 sit)

li&#353 9′ 20eur (4800 sit)

srf torbe 6’7” – 8’4” 49eur (11.900 sit)

srf torba 9’0” 58eur (13.900 sit)

Gorenjska TV V petek, 11.6. ob 20h bomo povedali kaj o surfanju na GTV. lp B.A.S.E. jumping from mars in se nekaj iger. "Za zabavo do naslednjega swell-a/odhoda v Francijo/ tako naprej…

B.A.S.E. jumping from Mars

SURF game No.1

SURF game No.2

SURF game No.3

In se nekaj…

DOSEZENE REZULTATE OBJAVITE SPODAJ! :wink:" Kemp Ce koga skrbi kje bo spal… "…kemp Fontaine Laborde v Angletu ima tudi svojo stran. LINK" Zur in to… Kdo je pojedel banane in kokose!?!?!? Danes burja, mogoce valovi v Piranu. Info na Dej&#268ev telefon ali na email . Hec. 😉 Tromostovje ob 14:00 Danes pridte vsi ob 14:00 na Tromostovje, boste nekaj videl (pa ne maturantov)! Filmi iz Balija "Balangan 4ft (240Kb)

Roko v tubi (914Kb)

Vcasih zmaga val (Balangan) (411Kb)

Ce pa potrebujete kaj iz Bailja – dilce, cunje… CLICK

Za filmcke potrebujete Quiktime." Predstavitve Francije (film), Maroka…

Gimn Poljane 20.5. ob 15h v dvorani (predavalnica 60)

Ekonomski faks 20.5. ob 19h v P-008 Ni placa Termin 6.8.-20.8. je poln. Stevilo prostih mest po terminih:

01.07.2004 – 15.07.2004: 8

13.07.2004 – 27.07.2004: 0

25.07.2004 – 08.08.2004: 0

06.08.2004 – 20.08.2004: 0

18.08.2004 – 01.09.2004: 10

30.08.2004 – 13.09.2004: 10

11.09.2004 – 25.09.2004: 11 zurzrurzurzurzurzurzurzu kdaj bo zur?

kdaj bo zur?

evo ga, zadnji Ujusansa zur, pred letosnjo sezono deskanja na valovih! petek. 21maj. bailey’s pub. ob 20h sharp-shark.

tema vecera: HAWAII

PAZI: Vstop mogoc samo v hawaian beach opremi (beri: slape, kratke majcke, bikini, kopalke…) Za gretje in pogretje bo poskrbljeno! Filmoljub Blue crush in Val 2002, predstavitev kempa v Franciji, sreda, 19.5.2004 ob 18:00, glavna predavalnica na Medicinski fakulteti FILMOLJUB

Film: Blue Crush

Re¾ija: John Stockwell

Datum: sreda, 19.5.2004 ob 18:00

Kje: glavna predavalnica na Medicinski fakulteti

Vse vabim, da se za trenutek odkopljete iz dela in u&#268enja ter pridete na novo Filmoljubovo predstavo. Tokrat si bomo ogledali Blue Crush, film o treh zagorelih dekletih iz Hawaiiev, ki si z delom v hotelu slu¾ijo denar za surfanje na valovih. V tem ¹portu ho&#268ejo uspeti in postati slavne, a jim na poti k uspehu stoji eden najte¾avnej¹ih valov na svetu Pipeline, kjer bo potekala tekma, ki lahko eno od njih izstreli k uspehu. &#268e dodamo ¹e malo romantike, surferske scene, zabavÀ ja&#268e in prizorov iz ¾ivljenja na Hawaiih je to film, ki ga ne smete zamuditi. Pri nas si ga sicer nismo mogli ogledati zaradi precej specifi&#268ne tematike – deskanje na valovih, ki ni pritegnila distributerjev. Da pa se vse to ne dogaja le na Hawaiih ampak tudi pri nas v Sloveniji, nam bodo pred filmom na kratko predstavili &#268lani Ujusansa surf kluba, ogledali pa si bomo tudi kratek film&#268ek o slovenskem surfanju v Franciji. Tako ste ¹e posebej vabljeni vsi, ki ¹e ne veste, kje boste pre¾iveli zaslu¾ene po&#268itnice. DISCO "Vsi, ki vas zanima kaksne izgledajo disco cunje – nekako tako 😉 " Spet… …termini in se nekaj. Stevilo prostih mest po terminih:

01.07.2004 – 15.07.2004: 8

13.07.2004 – 27.07.2004: 0

25.07.2004 – 08.08.2004: 0

06.08.2004 – 20.08.2004: 2

18.08.2004 – 01.09.2004: 10

30.08.2004 – 13.09.2004: 10

11.09.2004 – 25.09.2004: 11


Na tri stvari smo malo pozabili, ko smo pisali program, pa se bodo letos tudi dogajale:

– BBQ&sangrija dan

– slo DISCO party v baru (prinesite primerne obleke)

– Bowling vecer. Dreamland Cruzin’ "Before the season you can get Dreamland for yourself. Its a soft left and fun wave when it works, minus the circus in the water. At high season is crowded with euro surfers, dangerously out of control sometimes. Sekvenca od samoe >>>" Predstavitev na FDV-ju …kempa v Franciji…

v Net caffe, v torek, 11.5., ob 15h. :wassat:

Redbullovo dekle bo odpirala energijsko pijaco 😉 BBong Pro "Zacenja se najbolj spektakularna tekma leta – Billabong Pro na Teahupoo. >>>" OPET "Ce vam je bla vsec moja fotka iz Barbarige pol bodte jutri popoldne na rtu oziroma, ce bo spostovanje do morja ""prevec"" potem raje v zalivu, kjer je tut nastala fotka. Predlagam: cel vikend, no alco, ognj zakurmo, pa rostilj, pa ne mi rect u ponedeljek za kva nisi poklicu…" "Nate-""ga""" "AHA!! posurfal podeskal se nauzil sonca in morja in nov potopis je tu. SSS II (story of a slovenian surfer part two)." "Hocem slisat vase iskreno mnenje. Ce pa kdo pozna kacga urednika pa me kontaktirite da stvar spravmo v cajtnge, da bojo mastni denarci padli, pa se reklamo za ujusanso nardimo!!!

""Ja al ne????""

grega topolovec

051 360882" Kemp 04 Zasedenost terminov. Stevil
o prostih mest:

01.07.2004 – 15.07.2004: 12

13.07.2004 – 27.07.2004: 0

25.07.2004 – 08.08.2004: 0

06.08.2004 – 20.08.2004: 2

18.08.2004 – 01.09.2004: 14

30.08.2004 – 13.09.2004: 12

11.09.2004 – 25.09.2004: 16 A bo Perfect- ne obljubim Vse vabim jutri po sihtu v Medulin. Cel dan mocen jugo, zvecer pa brezvetrje. Interpretacija po zelji, ampak po mojem… Dovolj valov, besne gliste bom pa jst osebno metu iz vode…Aftersession report. good medulin na soncni zahod, 4,5 ur voznje v medulin in preckanje treh mej, kostjo iscejo policaji zaradi ukradenega kosa kruha, cel lunin mrk (ko ste ze vsi sli), pica in spanje v luksuz apartmaju, pet ljudi v golfu (trije spredaj!?!). 10+ slovenckov v vodi, nekdo sel ilegalno cez mejo, nekomu so pa skoraj nardil analni pregled in imamo naslednjic date s carinico…

:tongue: Foto&jugo "Nekaj slik iz Medulina (petek) si alhko pogledate na Windzinu. Jutri se obeta nov jugo!" sLOVEnia v EU Genova bo delala v soboto`"deljo. Party v Varrazzu (genovi) v petek namesto medulina? 😉 Mi se vracamo iz portugalske in bomo tam najkasneje v soboto zjutraj (se mormo se zmenit, kje ga bomo zazural). Igor bo sel iz ljubljane (mislim da z golfom). Kje bos ti, medulin ali varrazze? :wassat: Valovi! Danasnji jugozahodni veter prinasa lepe valove v severni Jadran. Zaenkrat kaze dobro za danasnje popoldne in cel petek, mogoce se kaj najde se v soboto zjutraj. Nestler Ne boste verjel ampak imamo nov newstler izpod Rokovega peresa. Pa se par fotk je zraven. Banzai "Slike iz Rima." Off the Lip "V kina v ZDA prihaja nov ""surf"" film z vsebino – Off the lip. Premiera je 7. maja." "Zgodba:

Kat, a brand new journalism grad, has landed her first big job.

It’s in Hawaii and she couldn’t be more excited. All it requires is an upbeat personality, good instincts and a lot of perseverance.

But Kat is finding the work harder than she ever imagined.

For one thing, her prey – an elusive big wave surfer named “The Monk” – doesn’t intend to be found, and the friendly locals are being somewhat less than helpful. Her uninvited boyfriend is driving her crazy, her ex-surfer guide has been on the losing end of too many waves, the geek she’s reporting to is falling in love with her, and she’s wanted by the FBI.

What’s a girl to do?!

Kat realizes too late that finding “The Monk” will cost her more than she could ever afford. But can she foresee that she’ll wind up finding herself?

Ve&#268 na

" Surf kemp Zasedenost terminov. &#352tevilo prostih mest je naslednje:

01.07.2004 – 15.07.2004: 12

13.07.2004 – 27.07.2004: 0

25.07.2004 – 08.08.2004: 0

06.08.2004 – 20.08.2004: 0

18.08.2004 – 01.09.2004: 14

30.08.2004 – 13.09.2004: 12

11.09.2004 – 25.09.2004: 16 Surf Kemp 04 "Vsi, ki ste se do sedaj prijavili evidencno, potrebno je placati akontacijo." Billabong XXL Letosnja nagrada za najvecji odsurfani val gre v roke Pete Cabrinhe, 42 letnega surferja iz Mauija. Val je meril 70 feetov, dobil je 70k$. "Ve&#268 o tem na naslednjih naslovih: (slike)" portugal zadnji napotki na forumu na Surf kemp 04 topicu lp "Quiksilver 6’4""" "Prodam Quiksilver surf 6’4"" s smerniki (fini) in z boardbagom. Vse je &#268isto novo! Cena 500 EUR. Info: 041 695 932 (Rok)" Portugal, 21.4.-2.5. Se dva placa sta za portugal. odhod izpred hale tivoli v sredo 21.4. ob 10h zvecer. Trentno pa poteka 3 dnevna odprava v rim, sami hudi surfarji 😉 Pa slikajte kaj za kalendar. Predstavitev na DIFu… … z diasi maroka in video iz francije. torek, 20.4. ob 14h predavalnica B (1. nadst.) Prevozi Letos bo organiziran individualni prevoz z busom na relaciji Ljubljana – Anglet. Letos bo organiziran individualni prevoz z busom na relaciji Ljubljana – Anglet(Fr). Cena &#353e ni znana, interesenti se napi&#353ite spodaj ali po&#353ljite mail na
















24.09.2004 Kaj ste po&#268eli za valentinovo 04? "Tole je po&#268el Mare. Klikni!" Munichsurf open 04 Tekma na recnem valu bo 24.4.04. "Brzica na reki Isar, ki te&#268e skozi Muenchen, &#382e vrsto let te&#353i sanje tamkaj&#353nih deskarjev na valovih po obalah Atlantika in drugih velikih morji. Val, ki se naredi na reki je namre&#268 starej&#353i in dlje surfan od kateregakoli re&#268nega vala v Evropi, starej&#353i je od umetnega Flowriderja na Norve&#353kem in starej&#353i, kot je recimo deskanje na valovih v Sloveniji. &#268esar so se na za&#268etku lotevali camo hardcore lokalci v Muenchnu je danes &#382e kar popularen &#353port na re&#268nih brzicah po Evropi, a val na reki Isar je seveda tisti prvi in legendarni. Ob razvoju tega &#353porta so sedaj tu tudi tekme. Tako si lahko 24. aprila v Muenchnu ogledate Munichsurf open 04. Tekma se za&#268ne ob 10:00 dopoldan, zabava se za&#268ne ob 20:00 popoldan. Floßlände, Thalkirchen.

Ve&#268 informacij:

E-mail :

Tel:0176/26112100 (Mirjam)

in seveda na strani

Debata na na&#353em forumu: KLIK ME PLIZ!!" SKF04 termini Zasedenost terminov &#352tevilo prostih mest:

01.07.2004 – 15.07.2004: 13

13.07.2004 – 27.07.2004: 0

25.07.2004 – 08.08.2004: 9

06.08.2004 – 20.08.2004: 0

18.08.2004 – 01.09.2004: 16

30.08.2004 – 13.09.2004: 14

11.09.2004 – 25.09.2004: 16 Big waves Preberite si clanek v dnevniku! Click=> "

" Nova zasedenost terminov Za surf kemp smo spet popravili zasedenost terminov. Click => Stevilo prostih mest:

01.07.2004 – 15.07.2004: 14

13.07.2004 – 27.07.2004: 3

25.07.2004 – 08.08.2004: 11

06.08.2004 – 20.08.2004: 3

18.08.2004 – 01.09.2004: 16

30.08.2004 – 13.09.2004: 14

11.09.2004 – 25.09.2004: 16 usk&er session "SLIKE Foto: Borut Vidrajz; Za celo porocilo iz tekme pa klikni =>" V soboto so se na Voglu v na novo urejenem snowboard parku zbrali snowboarderji in smucarji na Ujusansa&Easyriders sessionu. Novi park obsega sedaj dve big air skakalnici in pa spine. Oba zgoraj omenjena kluba sta priskbela &#353e dva raila. Enega (straight) za liter &#353nopca iz blejske Stra&#382e, drugega pa za kup&#268ek pre&#353ernov iz trgovine in liter &#353nopca za &#353vasanje. Predvsem kinker je po&#353teno visok in dolg in je vzbujal kar nekaj spo&#353tovanja, sploh na za&#268etku, ko je stal na vrhu spina, do njega pa je bilo &#353e dva metra gapa. Standardna zamuda je bila tokrat prevaljenna na slabo petkovo vreme, ko je gosta megla onemogo&#268ila dokon&#268no rihtanje parka. Tako, da smo morali &#353e lepo pljunit v roke in zratrakirat, pre&#353aflat in domislit park do konca skupaj s tekmovalci. Tenks ej! Potem se je pa za&#268elo. Najbolje se je odrezal lahko re&#268em favorit tekme Matev&#382 Pristavec, ki je s svojimi switch rotacijami, cab5 s &#268istimi pristanki najbolj navdu&#353il tako sodnike kot gledalce. Ko je &#268ez cel kink sfural &#353e bs boardslide je imel zmago &#382e v &#382epu prav tako pa prvo nagrado – &#353tirinajstdnevni tecaj deskanja na valovih v Franciji v organizaciji Ujusansa surf kluba. Med smucarji je s poskusom obrata za 900 stopinj, lincoln flipom in obratom za 720 stopinj zmago pobral Bor Vo&#353njak. Za petami mu je bil z odpeljanim
540 in pristankom na switch Tine Rogic, ki pa je potem izpustil prilo&#382nost za zmago z neudele&#382bo na railih. Baje se mu je mudil dam al kaj? Tako je nov Goltes board za zmago med smu&#268arji dobil Bor Vo&#353njak. Svojo kategorijo so imela tudi dekleta, katerih udele&#382ba pa ni bila tako &#353tevilna, saj so se med seboj pomerile le tri in si tako razdelile nagrade za prva tri mesta. Kako so bile uvr&#353&#268ene ima pa Rok &#268ez, tako, da se obrnite na njega. Tekma je minila v spro&#353cenem ozra&#268ju, kot se za tekme kjer ne gre za to&#268ke, skupne se&#353tevke in razne naslove ampak predvsem za zabavo tudi spodobi. Jaz sem vrtel jezik kolikor se je dalo (spiker matev&#382 je &#353el v nassfeld izkori&#353&#268at kernten tiket grrr) ostali so vrteli pa trike: 360, 540, 720 in 900, rodeov5 in 7, back in frontflipov, trikov na switch, bs in fs boardslidov, pa zategnjeni grabi in methodi na spajnu. Tudi kak&#353en atraktiven padec ni manjkal, recimo s salto po pristanku, pa razne namere grizenja kinka. Sploh pa za na&#353tevat trike raje pavlija vpra&#353ajte, ker on vedno tako razlo&#382i in napi&#353e, da se sline cedijo al pa kot bi gledal muvi. Zabava se je neki razvila &#382e na spodnji postaji na konc &#382agarja hehe… Pa &#353e rezultati:


1. Matev&#382 Pristavec

2. Luka Pertic

3. Peter Fetih

4. Tomi Dra&#382umeric

5. Matev&#382 Macek

6. Luka Pancur

7. Domino &#268erne


1. Bor Vo&#353njak

2. Tine Rogic

3. Andra&#382 Godicelj

4. Jernej Zorko

5. Marko Jemec

6. Matej Hribar


irena, barbi, anja USK&ER SESSION Na Voglu: SNB 1. Matevz Pristavec 2. Luka Petric 3. Peter Fetih SKI 1. Bor Vosnjak 2. Tine Rogic 3. Andra&#382 Godicelj PORTUGALSKA "Za prvomajske praznike gremo spet na PORTUGAL (click za info)" Indo boards "Ugodno iz Balija. Rihta Samo." USK&ER Nagrade "Glavni nagradi sta board Goltes in jabe KEMP 04." "UJUSANSA IN EASYRIDERS SESSION – VOGEL 27.3.2004

Proti zadnjemu delu leto&#353nje s snegom bogate sezone bomo &#353e enkrat zavihali rokave in skupaj s klubom UJUSANSA, za katerega se sezona takrat &#353ele za&#268enja, organizirali UJUSANSA&EASYRIDERS SESSION na Voglu. Pomerili se bomo na Big Airu in railih. &#268aka vas Big Air z 12 metri flata in en manjsi z 7 m in trije objekti za slidat – straight rail, kinked rail in box. Park se ureja vsak dan, tako da lahko pridete pogledat, pomagat in kaj predlagat.


Sobota, 27.3.2004

9:30-11:30 trening in ogled parka, zadnje prijave 0

12:00 Big Air

13:30 Raili

14:30 Fun part, foto session

16:00 Razglasitev rezultata

&#352tela bosta najbolj&#353a dva razli&#268na skoka (66%), najbolj&#353i run na railih (33%) in prilizovanje sodnikom (1%). Za zabavo se bosta v Big Airu pomerila &#353e Ujusansa surf klub in &#353ola smu&#268anja iz Vogla. Za ta del se lahko prijavi &#353e kak&#353na ekipa z minimalno tremi udele&#382enci. S surfom za valove se bomo spustili po snegu. Mo&#382no bo tudi probati. Vse to bo spremljala glasba in slavni zabavni Matev&#382 on the mike, predstavitev surf kempa v Franciji. Session bodo zacinla dekleta od Redbulla z energijsko pijaco. Zaklju&#268na zabava v s podelitvijo nagrad v diskoteki Gad v dolini.


1. mesto za snowboardarje: Te&#268aj deskanja na valovih; surf kemp Francija 2004, septemberski termin.

1. mesto za smu&#268arje: Snowboard Goltes.

1. mesto za lubice: trekking kolekcija Planika (gojzerji in ruzak)

Druge nagrade so: CDRewritable, puloverji Ra&#353ica, natika&#268i H-style, , &#268elada, gogli…

Prvi v vsaki kategoriji prejme pokal.

Prijavnina: 4000 sit, ki vklju&#268uje &#353e celodnevno karto in &#268aj. Tekmovalci bodo imeli 20 % popusta pri hrani v baru Viharnik pri gondoli.

Prijavnina (s karto) je mozna na spodnji postaji gondole do 10:30!!! Potem samo na parku na Voglu!!

Spanje je mo&#382no za 2000 sit, vendar je &#353tevilo mest omejeno in s seboj je potrebno imeti svojo posteljnino (beri spalke).


Rok Ko&#382elj,


Telefon: +386 041 975 378

Za ve&#268 informacij spremljajte stran in

SURF’S UP DUDES: Vsi, ki &#382e razmi&#353ljate o surfanju in o poletju poglejte



This Saturday, 27.3.2004, there will be a Big Air and railslide session on the

ski resort of Vogel organised by Ujusansa surf club and Easyriders snowboard club. Big Air has 7 meter of flat and there are 3 objects for sliding: 1 straight rail, 2 kinked rail and a funbox.


Saturday, 27.2.2004

9:30-11:30 training and last sign up for the contest

12:00 Skier & boarder cross

13:00 Big Air

14:00 Rails

15:00 Fun part, foto session

16:00 Results

Judgeing will be the following: two best jumps (diferent trick) will give 66%

of the final score and best railslide run will give 33%. 1% is for sucking up

to the judges. Best combined is the winner. Every rider will be able to do as

many jumps and railslides as he wants in the certain period of time – session


There will also be wavesurfing on snow, music, fun contest between sport clubs, presentation of surf school etc… and final party in the discotheque Gad in the valley.

The way to Vogel:

From south – Ljubljana – Kranj – via Jesenice – turn to Bled – Bohinj – follow

the signs.

From north – Kranjska Gora – Jesenice – via Kranj – turn to Bled – Bohinj –

follow the signs.

Vogel has 40cm of new snow on 220cm of snow and is snowing at the moment.

Sing up for the contest:

Rok Ko&#382elj,


Phone: +386 041 975 378

Everybody that signs up till Friday, 26.3.2004 will get a free ticket for the

gondola. If you need a cheap place to sleep also call Rok! Starting fee will be

around 10EUR. Marlera 21.3. Vceraj popoldan smo se greli v topli vodi Medulinskega zaliva. Val do 1m. Rahel onshore. Danes so nekateri podaljsali se v Barbarigo. Kaksna fotka sledi. UJUSANSA IN EASYRIDERS SESSION VOGEL 27.3.2004, Proti zadnjemu delu letosnje s snegom bogate sezone bomo zavihali rokave in skupaj s klubom EASYRIDERS, organizirali UJUSANSA&EASYRIDERS SESSION na Voglu. "Pomerili se bomo na Big Airu in railih. Caka vas Big Air z 6,7 metri flata in trije objekti za slidat – straight rail, kinked rail in box. Park se ureja vsak dan, tako da lahko pridete pogledat, pomagat in kaj predlagat.


Sobota, 27.2.2004

9:30-11:30 trening in ogled parka, zadnje prijave

12:00 Big Air

13:00 Raili

14:00 Fun part

15:00 Razglasitev rezultatov

Stela bosta najboljsa dva razlicna skoka (66%), najboljsi run na railih (33%) in prilizovanje sodnikom (1%). Za zabavo se bosta v Big Airu pomerila se Ujusansa surf klub in sola smucanja iz Vogla – Ski&Fun. Za ta del se lahko prijavi se kak&#353na ekipa z minimalno tremi udelezenci. S surfom za valove se bomo spustili po snegu. Vse to bo spremljala glasba in slavni zabavni Matevz on the mike, predstavitev surf kempa v Franciji, rostilj in zakljucna zabava v s podelitvijo nagrad v diskoteki Gad v dolini.


Rok Kozelj,


Telefon: +386 041 975 378

Vsi prijavljeni do petka, 26
.3. 2004 do 16:00, bodo imeli zastonj voznjo z gondolo (karto)! Za vec informacij spremljajte stran in na&#353o stran!

DEBATA O SESSIONU NA FORUMU" SURF KEMP 04 "Nova zasedenost terminov za solo deskanja na valovih. Se vedno pobiramo samo evidnecne prijave, tako da posljite mail z podatki, za naprej boste obvesceni! TERMINI Na vidiku je tudi portugalska za 1. maj." STEVILO PROSTIH MEST V TERMINIH:

01.07.2004 – 15.07.2004: 14

13.07.2004 – 27.07.2004: 5

25.07.2004 – 08.08.2004: 14

06.08.2004 – 20.08.2004: 4

18.08.2004 – 01.09.2004: 16

30.08.2004 – 13.09.2004: 16

11.09.2004 – 25.09.2004: 16 Ucitelj boardanja 1 "Te&#268aj za u&#268itelja bordanja se bo izvedel od 12. do 14. 3. na Voglu. Moznost spanja, moznost dela velika. Vec na forumu." Garage sale "Kar nekaj zanimivih stvari lahko naro&#268ite od Samoe direktno iz Balija. Kaj je trenutno HOT! Debata in vpra&#353anja pa na forumu" Surf Madagaskar Danes v ponedeljek, 1.3. ob 21:00 (in ne ob 19:00 kot je bilo sprva napovedano) si lahko v BOFu ogledate potopis iz surfaskega popotovanja na Madagaskar – popolni val ali iluzija?


Vse se je za&#268elo pred pribli&#382no tremi leti, ko se mi je zamerila gne&#268a na srfa&#353kih spotih na Kanarih. Pa zakaj bi moral siliti ravno tja, &#268e pa je vode-oceanov na tem planetu dobesedno na pretek. Oboro&#382il sem se s par oceanografskimi knjigami in za&#268el s &#353tudijo, tokov, plimovanj, valovanj, vetrov,… Bolj ko sem se poglabljal, bolj mi je bilo jasno kje bom na&#353el popolni val. Svojo hipotezo sem &#382elel preveriti in edini na&#268in je bil, da sem postal pobudnik za odpravo, pod okriljem &#353portnega dru&#353tva Virrus, v iskanju popolnega vala, tja kamor se ni stopila windsurferska noga, no vsaj slovenska ne. Kmalu se nas je nabralo kar nekaj enthuziastov in kazalo je, da bo odprava zacvetela v polnem zamahu.

Tako se je skupina 11 srfa&#353kih navdu&#353encev poleti leta 2003 namenila najti izgubljeni val. Sama odprava, tak&#353na kot je bila zastavljena, je &#382al do&#382ivela polom. Ni pa to zaustavilo najinega entuziazma, tako sva ambiciozno od&#353la (Grega in jaz)… Prav zaradi vsega kar sva na koncu prebrodila le dva &#268lana prvotne ekipe bi rada o temu spregovorila par stavkov.

Raj se skriva na ju&#382ni polobli, kjer je epicenter vala (swella). Tu so nizkotla&#268ne spremembe najbolj izrazite tekom na&#353ega poletja. Ciklonsko obmo&#268je se nahaja med rtom Hornom in Rtom dobrega upanja. Val, ki je vsem dobro poznan v srfa&#353ki meki Indoneziji ali v Avstraliji, prihaja ravno od tam. Prav to valovanje pa sre&#268a na svoji poti tudi druge otoke in obale. Prej ko jih sre&#268a, ve&#268ji je. V Indijskem oceanu, na vzhodni strani Afrike, se nahaja eden tak&#353nih otokov imenovan Madagaskar. &#352e ve&#268, &#268e ste pozorni, kmalu ugotovite, da se nahaja na idealni lokaciji… Na najini poti sva naletela tudi na Reunion, majhen otok, a poln presene&#268enj.

Ker se je pot za&#268ela na Reunionu, naj se za&#268ne s tem otokom tudi najin potopis. Reunion, dobesedno trn v peti Indijskega oceana, je majhen oto&#268ek na katerega se neprestano vali armada popolnih valov. Trn sega &#268ez 3000 m v vi&#353ave, zaradi &#268esar je zelo pogosto v objemu vetra. Z drugimi besedami povedano Reunion je pravi surfa&#353ki RAJ. Nahaja se pribli&#382no 700 km vzhodno od Madagaskarja in je francoska kolonija. Verjetno prav zaradi slednjega tako neznan, neobiskan in pozabljen. Dejansko pa vas bo takoj &#353okiral s svojo civilizacijo ter visokimi cenami, skratka Francija v malem.

Na otoku je pedlanje (beri surfing) precej razvito in popularno. Za pedlanje je uporaben predvsem jugo-zahodni in zahodni del otoka, kjer je obilo koralnih grebenov. Le ti ponujajo obilico neskon&#268nih valov. Med njimi enega izmed svetovno najbolj popolnih, mogo&#268nih in konsistentnih valov – le vague St’Lue. Pedlate lahko prakti&#268no res povsod, spotov je &#268ez 50 in v veliki ve&#268ini razen na parih mestih ne boste na&#353li gne&#268e, &#353e ve&#268, verjetno boste kar sami. In srfanje (windsurfing)? Otok je zelo izpostavljen vetru predvsem na severu in jugu, redkeje na zahodu. Kjer so korale je krasen val. Seveda najdete lep val tudi kjer ni koralnih grebenov. Tam boste verjetno na&#353li tudi veliko vetra, vendar pa je kot po pravilu tam tudi zelo motna voda. In prvo pravilo na tem otoku, za katerega seveda vsi vedo razen vas (beri naju), je da nikoli ne hodi v motno vodo. Reunion je namre&#268 zelo znan po morskih psih. &#268e boste sli plavat v motno vodo boste verjetno kmalu sre&#268ali kak&#353nega Great white, Tiger ali pa Bull psa. Ta belih naj bi bilo &#353e zlasti v izobilju.

Zgodba se za&#268ne, ko sva pristala na letali&#268u, najela avto in se podala za lovom. Bila sva popolnoma izgubljena, saj je Reunion pri&#353el v najin plan kot zadnja mo&#382nost priti na Madagaskar. Iskanje spota je morda na Jadranu res mala malica, ampak na Reunionu se je izkazalo za pravo no&#268no moro. Val je bil prakti&#268no povsod, tudi veter je bil fantasti&#268en, a povsod same korala, &#268eri, skale, kugle, motna voda in beach breaker, res kot zgodba o Trnulj&#268ici, povsod tam zunaj popoln val, samo do njega priti je bilo nemogo&#268e. Letala sva kot mi&#353i za sirom in slednji&#268 sva se odlo&#268ila za X spot, da preizkusiva najino sre&#268o. Na&#353la sva pe&#268eno pla&#382o iz vulkanskega peska, val je bil zastra&#353ujo&#268, 6m brez napake, razen to, da se je precej pogosto zapiral. Ampak hej, no prob. Precej &#268asa sva sedela na pla&#382i in zbirala pogum, ko se je val zru&#353il je bilo sli&#353ati, kot bi padla stolpnica. Noro, vodo je pognalo v zrak tudi 10m in ve&#268, pena pa je drla kot ru&#353ilni val. OK, gledava lahko doma, zdaj sva pa tu, kar lahko uni&#268iva danes ne smeva odla&#353ati na jutri in grevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, s temi besedami sva se zaletela v vodo in proti valu….

Vsa najina odkritja in do&#382ivetja vam razkrijeva na projekciji, ki bo 01.03.2004, 21h BOF, BTC, Ljubljana.


Grega in Jani!

Medulin 22.2.2004 Grega, Sasa in Dejc so preizkusili debelost svoje koze in neoprenov na glassy sessionu na Kuti v Medulinu. Medulin 22.2.2004

Rajderji: Jest, Sasa, Dejc

Ze proti koncu tedna se je obetalo, da bo Medulin sproduciral nekaj uporabnih valov. V nedeljo zjutraj preverimo stanje na TV-ju in sicer v turisti&#268ni panorami na HTV-ju. Kaze spodbodno. V dalmaciji in srednjem Jadranu suva Jugo, v Puli bonaza, pa se 13°C v zraku. Dejc midva prhajava. Prvi korak iz bajte?? Vse je v zledu, avtomodili so vsi tako lepo svetleci, tla pa tud. Ajd lepo pocasi, k po jajcih. Ko sva v Kopru, skocva po rokavicke, da nebo zanohtal v vodi. Temperatura zunaj obetavna, se ne kadi iz ust. Pr Dejcu nabasemo opremo v/na avto in pot pod avto. Celo pot scije in megla v pasovih. Pridemo v Medulin tug grama vetra ni. Zgleda vse kot po napovedih. Ko se pripeljemo v kamp, gospodicna v hisici samo zmajuje z glavo. Opazimo ze od dalec, da se nekaj peni na morju. Hiro v prvo in na Kuto. Jaaaaaa! Valovi 1.5 m v setu morda celo hed-haj, gremo se hitr Tekstil scekirat. Prfekt 2m seti leva in desna. Bojni posvet, ajd gremo rajs na Kuto, lazji se ven pride, pa se duck-divat ni treba, da prsparamo mal toplote. Mimo se pripelje avto iz Splita in hoce pogledat lude Slovence sta rade. Dejc je 123 oblecen in ze caka na pomolu, da bo odpedlal v line-up. Midva sva bolj pocasna, k tok opreme na seb se nisva imela. Jest sem v 5/3 neoprenu rokavicke in dvojna kapa, pa se cevlcki. Sasa in Dejc pa v 3/2 neoprenu in kapuca, rokavicke in bottke. Sploh ni tko mrzlo. Dejc je ze v vodi, prvi set direkt na glavo. Prvi stik z vodo. Pedlam, pedlam, sploh me ne zebe, pedlam, pedlam mmmmmm kr lepo toplo. Tale tjulnska kombinacija (op.Gula) kr greje. Se bolj toplo je kt novembra v 3/2 in cevlckih. 3 vesel
e face v line-upu se derejo in cakajo na prvi set. Sasa zategne val do pomola, kriki veselja. Moj prvi val se konca kar hitro pristankom na glavo v vodo. Kmalu se zopet privadim na surf in stvar krene. Uzitki so nepopisni in ob mislih, da surfamo februarja speglane valove, se lepsi. Po eni uri mraz ze zacne lesti v neoprene in se globlje, tako, da se sesn pocasi zakljucuje. Sasa in Dejc gresta ven, kar je razumljivo (3 mm neopren sploh ni tako debel), jest pa ostanem se slabo urico v vodi. Rad bi sel se na Tekstil, ampak so valovi na Kuti tako mamljivi, da ne morem iti ven, pa se roke so vedno daljse. Ko padem s surfa direkt na faco, ker sem tolk utrujen je ze jasno, da moram ven. Sej se nebi su ampak ni vec dzusa v telesu. Ko stopim na prve kamne na obali so noge malo omrtvicene, k bi hodu po dveh stilih ne pa po lastnih nogah. Lekcijaza drugic, kupi debelejse cevlje 2mm je za v trope. Ko nekako priracam do avta sta Sasa in Dejc ze preoblecena in ogreta. Razen tega, da ne cutim nog mi je kar toplo, ko se slacim se od mene kar kadi, ocitno extra kapuca naredi svoje. Ko vsi sedimo v avtu se se vedno ne moremo nacuditi lepoti in cistosti valov. Set se vidi ze od dalec kako prihaja. Se skok do Testila in perfect day is comming to end. Se pizza v lacna a nasmejana usta.

Kaj se lahko recem, skoda da vas ni bilo tam, ampak sneg je tud kul. Za nas pa: Sezona je oprta! ATENCAO!! Kanariasi ena ekipa se pocasi poslavlja druge l (?…) pa se nadaljujejo. Interesenti (-Corallejo-Fuerteventura- sonce zge valovi pa tud)se zglaste kar osebno. Grega LIVE from canarysche inseln. RD PARTY "Ujusansa praznuje 4. rojstni dan! Rojstnodnevna zabava bo v soboto 28.2.2004 v Baileys Pubu na Kolodvorski v Ljubljani. Zacetek je ob 19:00. Pred tem pa se bo ob 18:00 odvrtela premiera slovenskega snowboard filma z naslovom ER. Teaser se lahko ogledate na, film je res hud, tako da ste vsi vabljeni tako na premiero, kot na RD zabavo. Kdor ne pride je gnilo jajce.

PASETO: Koncno so gor VSE!!! slike kar jih imamo od lanskoletne sole Kemp03. Narocila na ." Newstler Po dooooooolgem casu imamo spet nov newstler. SURF KEMP 04 "Sola deskanja na valovih v letu 2004. Zaenkrat pobiramo prijave preko e-maila, posljite naslednje podatke: ime in priimek, datum rojstva, naslov, telefon ali GSM, email naslov, termin v katerega se prijavljas.

PS: postimal smo www naslove vremenskih strani." Surf production David se bo lotil izdelave surf desk. &#268e koga zanima, bi rad desko…naj pise na ali kli&#268e na tel. 01/5110345 !! jumpe na voglu zdaj sta na voglu postavljene dve skakalnici, ena za ucit ena pa se kar velka, cez en teden bodo pa se raili :wassat: Job na Kanarcih Jernej nudi sluzbo na kanarcih ker se sam odpravlja domov Ojla, slo-srferji! Ce kdo hoce, mu z veseljem konec februarja predam delo, ki ga sedaj opravljava skupa z maretom.V eni osebi se da zasluzit 25-30 eurov na dan oz. cca. 13,ce si delo delita dva. En tala flajerje, drug razvaza pice in pomaga zapret lokal. Ura je 4.5 eura. Dopoldne ostane za srfanje.Se da.Dela se vsak dan.Midva zapraviva 3 eure na dan,sej spiva v sotoru.V lokalu se je in pije.Mafija.Pice.Kapucini.Zainteresirani piste na Od 25.2. naprej rabjo nekoga.Delo zagotovljeno.Lahko se oglasite tudi osebno…:) aloha… XXL Billabungova odiseja na velikih valovih – kdo bo odsurfal najve&#268ji val sezone? "Huge Cortes Bank Surf Sets Pace in Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards

Long Brothers, Parsons & Gerlach Score Far Offshore;

Mel & Replogle Nail New Oregon Reef, Maverick’s is Fully Armed

IRVINE, CA — (December 23, 2003) — Last week’s solid groundswell along the Pacific West Coast provided the long-awaited oceanic horsepower to shift the 2003/04 Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards into high gear.

Presented by Surfline, the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards acknowledge those surfers who successfully ride the largest surf of the year, all around the world. This year’s fourth annual competition runs through March, and gives awards for the Biggest Paddle-in Wave, the Best Tuberide, the best Overall Performance and the coveted XXL Award for the biggest wave caught by any means, including the use of jet skis. Last year’s event was won by Makua Rothman’s 66-foot monster at Jaws in Maui which earned the Hawaiian $66,000 — or $1000 per foot.

Despite a relatively slow start to the Pacific high surf season, last week’s intense swell was challenged by groups of skilled surfers at an unprecedented number of big wave breaks spanning well over 1000 miles of coastline. Full coverage of all the action can be seen at the event website at

Not surprisingly, Maverick’s (off Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco) was the magnet for traditional ""paddle surfing"" aficionados who valiantly strove to catch the thick breakers using only their arms for power. It was the biggest day at Maverick’s in nearly a year and produced numerous spectacular wipeouts — along with a handful of successful rides which are currently likely contenders for the Biggest Paddle-In Wave of the Year.

Normally Maverick’s stalwarts, Santa Cruz’s Peter Mel and Adam Replogle opted to skip the crush of ten-foot boards and range north to sample a fabled reef along the often-stormy Oregon coast. The move paid off in spades as the pair rode massive, empty waves in flawless conditions with only a few local tow surfing pioneers including John Forse.

The combination of a long-period groundswell and calm winds turned out to be exactly the right combination for a last-minute strike, spearheaded by Rob Brown,

on the legendary Cortes Bank, 100 miles off the Southern California coast. Only the third time the offshore seamount has been surfed, this trip produced waves that were not only amazingly large, but with enough hollow deep-blue perfection to make any surfer drool. Veterans Mike Parsons and Brad Gerlach were this time joined by young upstart brothers Rusty and Greg Long in a big wave odyssey that included spending the night at the forbidding open-ocean break.

The photos by Rob Brown would have to be the unofficial leaders in this year’s XXL derby for the biggest wave of the year. ""The Long Brothers were on fire out there,"" said Mike Parsons, who won the 2001 XXL Awards with a 66-footer at Cortes. ""It was their coming out party, that’s for sure.""

The biggest wave face of the trip (and the winter so far) may well have been traversed by 20-year-old Greg Long, of San Clemente, CA. If the sheer size of the peak wasn’t enough, the wave produced an amazing tube for its rider as it continued on along the reef.

""That was probably the wave of my life, no questions asked,"" said the younger of the Long Brothers. ""I did my bottom turn and pulled up into it…and then I was just standing in the biggest barrel of my life, guaranteed!""

Not to be left out, Rusty Long, 22, scored the longest, deepest barrel of the session which will likely join an array of Tahitian caverns as a contender for the Tuberide of the Year Award. Large scale coverage of all the Cortes action will be featured in the April issue of SURFER Magazine which will be out in February.

For exclusive photographs of Cortes, Oregon and Mavericks and interviews with all the key participants, please see the Big Wave Awards website at " Banzai Pipeline Japonski surfer se je ubil na Pipelinu/Hawaii. Japanese Surfer Dies Following Wipeout

Accident Occurred 11 Days Ago At Banzai Pipeline

POSTED: 11:11 AM HST January 31, 2004

HONOLULU — An aspiring professional surfer from Japan has died of injuries he received in a surfing accident.

The man’s identity has not been

He died Friday, 11 days after being injured in a wipeout at the Banzai Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore.

Nearby surfers spotted the man shortly after 11 a.m. on Jan. 19 and alerted lifeguards on the beach, who brought the man to shore. Lifeguards were able to re-establish a pulse but he remained unconscious when taken to Wahiawa General Hospital.

Bodo Van Der Leeden, captain of the city’s North Shore lifeguards, says the man was driven underwater by a wave that pitched him over the falls, breaking his board and knocking him unconscious. Stari vrh Session "To soboto 31.1. ste vsi vabljeni na Freestyle Stari Vrh ER Session – Big Air in Raili za boarderje in skierje. Nagrade: MTB Giant GSR, Elan Element (lanski), dilce Mantis… Zacetek ob 18:00. Ve&#268 na ER" surfari marroko S Tinetom the Gorencem se odpravljava na surf trip v Maroko. Z avtom, odhod 08/02/04, za en mesec. Imava se kak prost mest, ce bi kdo sel zraven nej me poklice. V Maroku so trenutno idealne razmere za srfat. Cikloni na severu po&#353iljajo konstantne valove, veter je &#353ibak S/V, kar naradi ve&#268ino spotov v Tharazutu (najina destinacija) offshore. Temp. zraka so/bodo okol 25 st., voda pa jih ima 17. Maroko je poceni, samo tja pridet je malo dra&#382je (prevoz cca. 250 eur). S1 Uradni fotograf je septembra usel domov, zato pa je predvsem dekletom kar precej filma posvetil Damjan. Slike si lahko pogledate spodaj. Medulin 17.1. Imamo novega HC surferja – Dejan je v soboto surfal 1-1.5m valove v Medulinu (voda ima 10stopinj). Vogel, Slovenija Powder, 70 cm, jutri v ponedeljek, ze dva dni snezi in ne ratrakerajo prog. Jutri sonce in lepo vreme. Welcome. Red Bull Jump&Freeze Mesanica dubrovniskega Flugtaga in ljubljanskega Soapboxa se bo zgodila 28. februarja 2004 ob 19:00 na Mariborskem Pohorju. Za vse surferje, ki bi vec kot samo gledali pa tole – prva nagrada je gretje na Kanarcih!! "Red Bull Jump & Freeze v Mariboru

28. februar 2004 – 19:00, Pohorje, Maribor, Slovenija

Norost Soapboxa na sne&#382ni strmini, nato pa velika skakalnica, odbitost Flugtaga in bazen poln ledeno mrzle vode! Ko vse skupaj dokon&#268no zamrzne nastane kocka z imenom Red Bull Jump & Freeze…

&#268e se je lanjsko leto domi&#353ljija Slovencev izkazala na prvem Red Bullovem Soapboxu v Ljubljani, bo parada podalpske izvirnosti v letu 2004 gostovala pod Pohorjem. Prvi Red Bullov Jump & Freeze na Slovenskem bo 28. februarja udaril na ciljni strmini na&#353e najbolje pripravljene smu&#268arske proge, v areni mariborskega Sne&#382nega stadiona. Tako ali druga&#268e opravljeni smu&#268arji, boarderji, sanka&#268i in predvsem tisti, ki bodo &#382irijo posku&#353ali prepri&#268ati z doma izdelano drsalno-letalno napravo, se bodo pomerili v spustu po sne&#382nem zaletu in finalnim poletom v do vrha napolnjen bazen. &#381irija bo, kot ste pri Red Bullovih vragolijah &#382e vajeni, ocenjevala izvirnost oprave in naprave ter seveda izvedbo, kronano s &#268im bolj posre&#268enim in mokrim zaklju&#268kom – herojskim skokom v ledeno mrzlo vodo.

Najbolj&#353o ekipo bomo odmrznili na Kanarskih otokih, drugi bomo privo&#353&#268ili obisk Atomskih toplic, tretji pa obilo u&#382itkov ob uporabi novih mask in plavuti. Potaplja&#353kih seveda.

Za sodelovanje se prijavite do 28. 1. 2004 na brezpla&#268no telefonsko &#353tevilko 080 11 01. Pohitite, ker je &#353tevilo prijav omejeno!

Od tebe pri&#269akujemo:

– pogum (beri norost)

– 18+ let in

– sani, smu&#269i, board ali doma izdelano ""letalno napravo""

Od nas pri&#268akuj, da bomo posebej ocenjevali izvirnost tvoje smu&#268arke oprave ali letalne naprave ter atraktivnost skoka.

(Za ozebline obljubljamo dodatne to&#269ke!!!)


1. nagrada – POTOVANJE NA KANARCE!!!

2. nagrada – ATOMSKE TOPLICE

3. nagrada – MASKA IN PLAVUTI

" SLIKE Smo malo pohiteli in od sedaj naprej lahko narocite slike, posnete poleti med solo deskanja na valovih… Vsaka slika je oznacena s sifro. Po e-mailu ( posli sifro slike in v roku enega tedna dobis slike poposti/osebno. Slike razvijamo iz diapozitivov, zato je kvaliteta boljsa kot na ekranu. Vsaka slika stane 150 SIT (razvijanje iz diasov je drazje). Niso se poskenirane cisto vse slike (termin A1), mislim da bodo do konca tedna.

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