The O'Neill Inlanders' Surf Open

The O'Neill Inlanders' Surf Open
July 25, 2009 Andraž Rakušček

Madžari so nas povabil na surf tekmovanje vseh “landlocked” surferjev, ki bo septembra v Hossegorju.

I am Hungarian surfer, and we organise a surf contest, for European inlanders surfers, who do not have an ocean coastline. The O’Neill Inlanders’ Surf Open is in Hossegor (France) sept.14-18. 2009. We would like to see some of the Ujusansa surfers on our event, becouse we been surfing together with some of you at Medulin. It would be fun to compete against eachother too.

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  1. mm
    Marko Odič 2026 years ago

    a bo organiziran prevoz? Js mam lih takrat enX izpit, sam če se zmenmo, se da pomoj mal prilagodit… 😀

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