OXBOW Surfboards

OXBOW Surfboards
January 29, 2006 Ujusansa Surf Klub

Od letosnjega poletja naprej se bo pri Ujusansi dalo dobiti tudi poliesterske surfe znamke OXBOW surboards.
Deske bodo na vojlo od poletja naprej, narocite pa jih lahko ze sedaj. Spodaj so pricakovane cene in modeli, ki bodo na voljo.

This mini-collection looks back on a hugely successful concept from the past. The Fish concept has always been about making quick, responsive boards that work in small waves, and that’s exactly what this years OXBOW FISH collec-
tion does. They’re a small wave specialist with lots of width through the tail and a predominantly flat planing area producing an early planing, fast shortboard that surfs in small waves where a regular shortboard does not.
Fin Set-up: Standard Thruster with FCS, G3000 fins

  • 5’6” FISH OXBOW 354 €
  • 5’10” FISH OXBOW 354 €
  • 6’2” FISH OXBOW 354 €

Representing the cutting edge of shortboard shapes, these boards are not for the light hearted. They are all go! With single concaves and lots of rocker, these boards are the “sharp end” of high performance shortboard surfi ng. Light, thin and twitchy, if you have the ability, these shapes will take you all the way! Fin Set-up: Standard Thruster with FCS, G5 fi ns

  • 6’0” SHORTBOARD OXBOW 375 €
  • 6’3” SHORTBOARD OXBOW 375 €
  • 6’6” SHORTBOARD OXBOW 396 €
  • 6’9” SHORTBOARD OXBOW 396 €

A mix of a performance orientated shortboard with a Mini-Malibu ease of use, the Hybrid is a great “do it all kind of board”, mixing a user friendly rocker line – much like a Mini-Malibu, with a shortboard outline creating a small board look with a big board ease of use. Fin Set-up: Standard Thruster with FCS, G5 fi ns

  • 7’0” HYBRID OXBOW 396 €

Ease of use is the focus with these shapes. Gentle rocker lines with lots of
volume under the surfer make these a great all round summer choice. Pick your size based on your weight, the heaver you are the bigger size you need, and if in doubt go a size bigger. Fin Set-up: Standard Thruster with FCS, G7000 fins

  • 7’3” MINI MALIBU OXBOW 417 €
  • 7’6” MINI MALIBU OXBOW 417 €
  • 7’9” MINI MALIBU OXBOW 438 €

Classic all-rounders was the design criteria for the longboard collection. Tried and tested and proven designs that we know work. Both boards start with a concaved nose for great noseriding, and then move into a slight V through the mid-section and heavier V with a fair amount of rocker in the tail for easy handing. The 9’0” leans more towards sharper turns along with manoeuvres and is comfortable in bigger surf, while the 9’4” is a great small wave board for styling traditional longboard moves and bigger riders. Fin Set-up: 9’0” Centre fi n box with FCS, GL side fins, 9’4” Centre fin box only

  • 9’0” LONGBOARD OXBOW 499 €
  • 9’4” LONGBOARD OXBOW 499 €

Glassing: Vsi surfi imajo gloss finish!

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